05 July 2006

Savage Stormwatch: Iraq Becomes a 'Rape Room' for Uncle Sam's GI Joes

"Iraq is free of rape rooms and torture chambers."

President BringItOn, Oct. 8, 2003

On 12 March of this year in the Iraqi Mujahideen stronghold of Mahmudiyah, Steven D. Green and several other members under the command of Lt. Col. Thomas Kunk in the 101st Airborne Brigade disguised themselves as Iraqi Mosque Bombers, herded three members of an Iraqi family - mom, dad, and 7-year-old daughter - into a bedroom and shot them.

After killing the three family members, the pro-war Washington Post reports that the soldiers gang raped the only survivor - a 15-year-old girl named Abeer Qasim Hamza - before shooting her "two or three times in the head with the AK-47."

In a sick irony, Hamza "had expressed concerns about the U.S. troops to her mother in the days before her death because the soldiers made advances toward her." Her concerns were clearly justified, as testimony from Uncle Sam's GI Joes reveal that this savage act was premeditated.
Several soldiers allegedly planned the attack over drinks after noticing the woman near the traffic checkpoint they manned in Mahmudiyah....

The soldiers... worked out an elaborate plan to carry out the crime and then cover it up, wearing dark clothes to the home, using an AK-47 assault rifle from the house to kill the family, and allowing authorities to believe that the attack was carried out by insurgents, investigators said.

Green and another soldier discussed raping the woman and had previously been to her residence, about 200 yards from their traffic checkpoint. Before leaving for the house, they also said, Green and two others drank alcohol and changed into dark clothes....
The Daily Star confirms this, citing "documents" which "allege the incident was meticulously planned and the rape victim's movements had been studied over the period of a week beforehand."

Of course, one should hardly be surprised by this savage act when contextualized within the ongoing 'War of Terror' in Iraq, Haiti, Afghanistan, Colombia, Palestine... It's all part of the same ruthless campaign to punish anyone, anywhere who refuses to willingly enslave themselves to Uncle Sam's Diktat.

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