28 July 2006

Hardcore Fascism on Display at Mad Zionist

Occasionally someone will critcize Savage Justice for our supportive and uncompromising stance taken in defense of those people who daily risk their lives resisting imperialist attack.

Our position is that in Iraq, Venezuela, Haiti, Mexico, Colombia, Iran, Palestine, Lebanon, Cuba - and right here on Uncle Sam's Plantation - the worlds' poor and oppressed defend themselves heroically against imperialism with every weapon at their disposal. Consequently, whatever their individual politics, socialists must defend and encourage them vocally as they STRUGGLE to RESIST imperialism and oppression.

There is a flipside to the unflinching support we at Savage Justice give to those resisting oppression and apartheid. And at no site of struggle, in no geopolitical conflict does the utter depravity, xenophobia, and sickness of this 'other side' manifest itself than in the struggle for Palestine. In fact, the very word 'Palestine' makes them apoplectic.

As Apartheid Israel engages in the full-on slaughter of Palestine and Lebanon, these fanataical zealots cry for more bloodshed and more killing... without putting their own lives on the line, of course.

One pro ethnic-cleansing Zionist site I watch closely - Mad Zionist - exhibited this concretely with a blog entry entitled, "Israel must kill civilians, bomb mosques". In it, 'Mad Zionist' writes:
The only way this war can be won is if the Israelis are willing to massacre the vermin. The IDF is impotent unless they are going to be allowed to wipe out all human life in every village they confront. There must be nothing left. No mosques, no people.

The only lives that are spared, both civilian and fighter, on the moslem side of the war are those who raise there arms, lay down there weapons and surrender. The rest must be totally exterminated. Olmert either kills them or they will kill Jews.
While 'Mad Zionist' lives on Uncle Sam's Plantation, his ideology and views about the struggle for Palestinian liberation clearly resonate within Apartheid Israel, as today's report in Ma'an proves.
According to an Israeli public opinion poll, whose results were published on Friday on the website of the Israeli newspaper "Yedioth Ahranoth", 82 percent of the Israeli public believe that the Israeli attack on Lebanon is justified and 71 percent believe Israel should use greater force.

The results of the poll, carried out by the Dahaf polling institute, also showed that 48 percent of Israelis believe Israel should continue its offensive until Hezbollah is destroyed.
Far from an anomoly, 'Mad Zionist's' post garner support from other exterminists. One commentor - 'Anonymous Clinton', wrote:
It is becoming abundantly evident that there are FEW people in Lebanon who DIDN'T collaborate or Appease Hizbullah.

Trying to separate out those few and save them from violence will, in the end, only hurt them AND Israel. The country must be cleansed of the disease of IslamoNazism so that it has a CHANCE to regrow healthy.
And still another commentor, Max Muller, wrote:
get all the UN scumbags inLebanon and not just a few of them and send the mossad out to get that shit Kofi Amman. He was Saddam's best friend, now who is paying him off? I want to see him hang while they are playing the Israeli National Anthem. See his stupid feet kicking the air to the music and hang his son with him.
Muller added later, "FUCK THE UN , KILL ALL BLUE HELMETS. Send Mossad to assassinate the Scumbag Kofi Amman. throw him off the top floor of the UN."

This is just a sampling of how the 'other side' interprets the current struggle.

In the battle raging against Uncle Sam and his acolytes in Apartheid Israel and Europe, support for those resisting their imperial assault cannot be 'conditional'. The stakes of Apartheid Israel's latest attack on Lebanon AND against Hizbullah must be categorically opposed, and the right of the Resistance in Lebanon to do everything in its power to defend itself must be supported. The guns fired in the name of imperialism do not equivcate.

Neither can those who oppose the direction in which the guns are aimed.

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