21 June 2006

Savage Stormwatch: Tiger Force and the Thar Thar Massacre

ON Tuesday, Andrew Buncombe reported in The Independent about yet another savage, barbaric episode in Uncle Sam's occupation of Iraq.

This time, Uncle Sam's Torture-Squaders come from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the infamous 101st Airborne Division, commanded by Thomas R. Turner II.

After Turner's men murdered 3 Iraqi men, they covered up their actions and claimed the men were trying to flee custody.

One ought to recall that the 101st Airborne already has a legendary legacy of brutality and torture in Vietnam. This episode gives the advanced warning of a similar one in Iraq. So we must be careful not to accept their words at face value. First, we must demand to know the truth of their actions.

And typically, the military is trying to conceal that truth. Their silly little cover-up investigation is... wait for it... 'ongoing'!

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Buncombe reports:
Details of what happened have not been released but the soldiers charged apparently claimed that the men were trying to escape.
One should ask Buncombe how one 'apparently claims' to do something.

He continues:
On the day the alleged murders occurred, the unit commander ordered an inquiry, the statement said. It added that an investigation was launched on 17 May and was continuing. It said the men were being confined while it was decided whether to proceed to with a court martial.
What sort of system holds men in custody for no reason and murders them without the commission of a crime?

'Democracy', Sam-style!

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