22 July 2006

Hizbullah Fiercely Resists Zionist Invasion into Lebanon

Amidst a continuing aerial blitzkrieg in which Apartheid Israel has used chemical weapons to displace more than 500,000 people, the Zionist attackers have shifted tactics in its war against the Hizbullah Resistance.

No longer reliant on the bombardment of Lebanon's means of production and collective punishment alone, Apartheid Israel on Thursday began a PsyOp war designed to confuse and divide the Lebanese people concurrent with its decision to invade Lebanon on the ground.

Reports on Friday indicate an interview given by the Lebanese Prime Minister to the same Italian newspaper - Silvio Burlusconi's Corriere della Sera - that reported on the forged 'Niger' documents on Thursday 'mistranslated' Fuad Siniora's remarks about disarming the Hizbullah resistance movement. The Prime Minister's office released a statement:
What the prime minister said is that the international community has not given the Lebanese government an opportunity to deal with the problem of Hezbollah`s arms, since the continuing presence of the Israeli occupation of Shebaa Farms is the reason for the weapons' location.
Corriere della Sera's confected report aimed to camoflauge Lebanon's unified commitment - excepting only collaborators and the most feckless defenders and apologists - to resist Apartheid Israel's ground invasion.

Once Apartheid Israel crossed into Lebanon, that resistance began in earnest. In another piece, Major-General Benny Gantz told Ha'aretz that, "Hezbollah bunkers are well-hidden and discernible only from a close distance.... 'The operation is challenging, difficult and complex.'"

For the invading army, early reports of losses have been significant. "In two days of fighting, eight soldiers belonging to the IDF's best units have died."

Ha'aretz notes that during the invasion, Apartheid Israel opened fire on a UN force charged with monitoring the 'Blue Line' separating Apartheid Israel from Occupied Lebanon.
Also Friday, a United Nations observation post just inside northern Israel was struck during fighting between Israel and Hezbollah militants...

A UN officer said the facility was hit by an artillery shell fired by the IDF...

The UN officer, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation, said an IDF shell "impacted a direct hit on the UN position overlooking [the Israeli border town of] Zarit." The post is part of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).
But these were not Apartheid Israel's only failures. Amos Harel writes that, "Around midnight last night, two IDF attack helicopters crashed west of Kiryat Shmona in the worst operational accident since the start of fighting in Lebanon." He also reported on 3 Hizbullah attacks:
At about 5 P.M., a unit from the Golani Brigade ran into a large force of Hezbollah militants. Details of the battle had not been completely clarified by last night, however, it appears that the initial attack began with mortars launched against the IDF soldiers.

The ambush took place in an area where a few homes are surrounded by agricultural fields. A number of explosions occured, and the soldiers and dozens of Hezbollah militants exchanged heavy fire.

The IDF force required reinforcements to extricate itself from the area, and further heavy exchanges of fire followed, with mortars and Katyusha rockets landing on Avivim and its areas.

The battle raged for hours... The IDF is still examining whether the initial blow by Hezbollah militants came from a Sagger anti-tank missile...

A soldier from the Paratroop Brigade was seriously injured when a bullet hit his jaw in Kafr Aita al-Sha'ab in the western border zone. He was evacuated under fire, and rushed to Rambam Hospital in Haifa by helicopter. The speedy evacuation helped save his life.

And at about noon, an anti-tank missile slammed into a Merkava Mark 4 Main Battle Tank. One of the soldiers was seriously injured and lost both legs, and another soldier suffered light injuries.
Middle East Online reported Thursday on a Hizbullah reported on the destruction of 2 Zionist tanks, presenting remains from the attacks on TV. "'In vain, Zionist enemy soldiers try to advance toward Lebanese territory to achieve military victories, and again Hezbollah confronts them and proves to them that they are an army without soldiers.'"

An Army Without Soldiers! That's how Hizbullah describes the Zionist army.

Covering the fighting, the Daily Star reported additionally that:
A separate Hizbullah statement said nine Israeli soldiers died in a Hizbullah ambush Thursday afternoon. According to a Hizbullah statement, Israeli troops met "fierce resistance from Hizbullah fighters as the Israelis crossed into Lebanon..."

The Hizbullah statement said Israeli tanks and soldiers were "relentlessly trying to advance into Lebanese territory to achieve any military victory, but they were defeated by Hizbullah fighters. The latest Israeli attempt to advance toward the Southern Lebanon town of Maroun Al-Rass failed as the Israelis lost two Merkava tanks and a helicopter."
While fighting intensified on the ground in Southern Lebanon, pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post reported on the daily fallout from Hizbullah's rocket attacks:
In the early afternoon on Friday, 26 people were wounded after rockets fired by Hizbullah landed in Haifa.

One rocket scored a direct hit at the fourth floor of a residential building and managed to penetrate into two other floors of the same building. An empty post office branch was also hit...

Shortly after, rockets also landed in Safed, Hatzor and Kiryat Shmona, though no one was reported wounded at those sites. Firefighters worked at extinguishing a fire that resulted from the strike...

Channel 10 reported that the water supply in the north was damaged by the attack.
In an interview with Al Jazeera on Thursday, Hassan Nasrallah - Secretary-General of Hizbullah - spoke about the war with Israel. After apologizing for the deaths of two Palestinians in Nazareth and calling them "martyrs for the Palestinian cause," Nasrallah explained "without exaggeration or psychological warfare, that the command structure of Hezbollah did not suffer any harm in the violent raid during which the Israeli forces used 22 tons of explosives, and which they believed to have had success."
Nasrallah stressed that "the ongoing Israeli shelling of civilian targets reflects the failure of the Israeli intelligence and military."

In regards to the ground confrontations, Nasrallah said that, "what is happening on the border is the beginning of confrontation". He said that "the fighters have so far not made great efforts on the ground" and he denied the Israeli claims that Hezbollah fortified sites had been destroyed, saying, "these sites were only control points that have been vacated since the first moment of the capture of the Israeli soldiers".

In reference to Israel's economic and human losses, he said "the reason for the lack of such losses is that the Israelis hide in shelters."

He thanked the Lebanese people for supporting the resistance, referring to a survey that confirmed that the Lebanese people are in favour of the resistance option. Nasrallah said that "Israel will realize from this survey the steadfastness of the Lebanese people and the Israeli military option will fail."

However, he expressed his surprise by some Arab positions that he said "have contributed to the continuation of the war." Nasrallah told the Arab states, "We do not want your hearts and your swords, we only want you to stay neutral."
As Apartheid Israel calls up thousands upon thousands of reservists, the question of whether it will launch a wider war against Hizbullah remains an open one. To do so by going after Iran and Syria as Hizbullah proxy's invites a much wider war. Such an adventurist move will not only bring Uncle Sam into the conflict directly, but it offers an open invitation to the Hizbullah-like Sadrist Movement in Iraq to attack Uncle Sam at his weakest link - the occupation of Iraq - by any and all means at his disposal.

While doing so invites a much wider war, many Zionists - both in Apartheid Israel and on Uncle Sam's Plantation - openly desire such a conflict.

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