27 July 2006

Savage Welfare: Uncle Sam's Zionist Gift Takes a Detour

We at Savage Justice continue to follow the massive quantities of weapons and material currently being shipped free-of-charge to Apartheid Israel to slaughter children and annihiliate whole cities (paid for by Uncle Sam's taxpayers).

The pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post is reports on Thursday:
British Foreign Minister Margaret Becket criticized the United States on Thursday for failing to follow procedures for international arms shipments after a US plane carrying a shipment of "smart bombs" for Israel stopped for refueling at Scotland's Prestwick Airport, Sky News reported.

The foreign secretary said that it appeared that safety regulations had not been observed.

Becket said that she had "already let the US know that this is an issue that appears to be seriously at fault," and that she intended to lodge a formal protest after she met with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

The US is rushing a delivery of "smart bombs" to Israel after Israel indicated it needed the bombs for its military campaign against the Hizbullah.
With her silly outburst, Britain's Margaret Beckett would have us believe the absurd notion that Uncle Sam used Scotland as a stopping point for his welfare shipment to Apartheid Israel without sufficient consultation with the British.

Whether she files a meaningless 'formal protest' against Uncle Sam or not carries no meaning whatsoever. Her outburst is a smokescreen meant to cover up the Union Jack's close collaboration with Apartheid Israel in the arms giveaway.

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