22 December 2005

Apartheid Israel's War on Democracy

With its decree that Palestinians living in Jerusalem cannot vote in their upcoming elections apartheid Israel has once again demonstrated its utter hostility to the principle of democracy.
The move by the apartheid settler state has provided cover for Mahmoud Abbas, the PA chair since Arafat's assassination, to 'postpone' the upcoming election. Because of his servile collaboration with Sharon and the rest of the terrorist gang running Israel, Abbas has splintered the ruling Fatah party in two and now risks losing power to Hamas.

Also providing apartheid Israel assistance in thwarting democracy in the occupied territories is that paragon of liberty and freedom, Egypt. Citing "fear that Hamas would score a landslide victory," the pro-apartheid Jerusalem Post reports "Egyptian Intelligence Chief Gen. Omar Suleiman was scheduled to visit Ramallah on Wednesday in a bid to persuade Abbas to delay the elections."

The overriding principle here is that the apartheid state of Israel and its allies will go to any lengths to ensure that the Palestinian elections will not become a referendum on armed resistance, be it Hamas or Marwan Barghouti's Future faction of Fatah.

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