23 December 2005

Apartheid Israel: "We Rape and Torture"

Pro-apartheid Israeli daily Ha'aretz reports today that after kidnapping Lebanese man Mustafa Dirani "from Lebanon in 1994 by an elite Israeli force... an Israeli court upheld Dirani's right to demand compensation for alleged [sic] torture and rape he endured in an Israeli prison, but barred him... from receiving any funds as a result."

The racist verdict rendered by Israel's apartheid 'judicial' system - where victims of Israeli brutality, torture, and terrorism routinely receive no recompense for the abuse they're made to suffer at the hands of the apartheid terrorist state - is customary.

Much like the racist judicial system here in the United States, in Israel the best any Arab or Muslim can hope for is the acknowledgement of Zionist criminality.

Of late many United States politicians, like pro-torture Senator John McCain, have taken to the airwaves applauding the fact that apartheid Israel doesn't torture. This case, like many that have preceded it (including a report from Reuters in today's press), puts to bed that lie.

McCain ignores the well documented history widely available to anyone who cares to look, which reveals quite obviously that the Zionist state routinely tortures.

Like their renewed campaign of increased mass murder of Palestinians by cutting off powre to Gaza and launching an "ariel siege" - also reported in today's Ha'aretz - the manner in which Zionists package and justify terrorism may change, but the content remains constant.

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