06 December 2005

Psychotic, Pro-Apartheid Lunatic Netanyahu says Bomb Iran Now

Benjamin Netanyahu, former Prime Minister of the state of Israel's pro-apartheid government, recently said that he supports bombing Iran. Taking the CIA/Mossad psy-op lie that Iran is on the verge of producing nuclear weapons as a known fact, Netanyahu says that his government must bomb the nation of 80,000,000 people to prevent them from obtaining the kinds of weapons that his ethnically purified settler state already possesses.

Of course, only the most unrepentant, racist, hypocritical madman could even contemplate this from deep within the bowels of the region's most flagrant terrorist state. 'Bibi' Netanyahu is just that man!

This genocidal cretin pulled out of a government led by serial mass murderer and war criminal Ariel Sharon during his recent racist psy-op trick, the Gaza 'pullout', because it was too deferential to the Palestinian people.

For Netanyahu, anyone who opposes the apartheid occupation of the Palestine must be disarmed and, if possible, killed. While his racism and the subordination he demands of all Arabs and Muslims to Jews is brazen and extreme, it is equally true that anyone condemning the resistance of the Palestinians or the Iranians to the unconscionable Israeli occupation believes essentially the same thing.

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