06 December 2005

An Open Letter to NYU President Sexton

Dear President Sexton,

I just read that after refusing to acknowledge that those who do the bulk of teaching and grading at NYU actually work, you're now threatening them with a severe financial punishment and an academic blacklist of anyone who dares have the audacity to organize, too. How admirable! Good work!

You should really consider attacking them with tear gas and pepper spray. And what about Tasers? After all, you can't show weakness in the face of this menace to order!

If these non-working workers refuse to grade finals this semester, bring out the Pinkertons to beat the living hell out of them. That will really teach them a lesson!

All this is laughable considering these threats eminate from a Board of Trustees who have made millions of dollars every year stealing people's money while representing a university that claims to be a paragon of progressive thought.

You're a disgusting peon of a man - total scum - and you're going to lose.

Rot in hell.

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