15 December 2005

More Apartheid Israel Psy-Ops

Every day I hope to blog on something other than the reprehensible actions of apartheid Israel. Unfortunatly, the moment I open up their newspapers in the morning, that sentiment becomes a pipe dream. Both of these articles come from today's online Ha'aretz:

Now we'll honor our word:
Israel bows to int'l pressure: Convoys to begin next week

Israel yesterday succumbed to international pressure and informed the United States it plans to complete preparations tomorrow for operating convoys between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, to begin next week. Israel will issue a formal announcement on the matter tomorrow...
Now we won't:
Israel delays agreement on Gaza-West Bank bus convoys

Israel decided on Thursday to further delay the launch of Palestinian bus convoys between Gaza and the West Bank until after next week, Israel Radio reported...

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