04 November 2008


28 April 2008

New Jersey's Finest: Kiddie Fiddling Pig Also Screws Cows

It isn't enough for Pigs to run up and down Uncle Sam's Plantation gunning down Black and Brown people without hesitation, but a recent story in The Trentonian illustrates that as an institution, the sexual perversion of the roided up thugs wearing the badge has no peer:
Robert Melia Jr., the Moorestown cop facing accusations of molesting young girls, found himself back in court yesterday charged with committing additional illicit sexual acts.

But this time the victim wasn’t human.

It was a cow.

Melia was charged with tormenting the beast, “specifically by having a cow perform fellatio upon him,” according to documents filed in Superior Court yesterday...

Melia, 38, was arrested and charged last week with numerous counts of sexual assault stemming from alleged incidents involving three underage (human) females.
That's right - this little Piggy, not satisfied enough with raping adolescents, took to forcing a cow (at gunpoint?) for a blowjob.

Wow!  We at Savage Justice are rarely surprised by actions undertaken by Uncle Sam's ghoulish thugs... but not this time!

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19 December 2007

Bolivia's Ruling Elites Show True Colors, Unfurl New Flag

While you wouldn't know it from the overwhelming passage in Bolivia of a new draft constitution that acknowledges indigenous rights and legislates for greater national control over oil and gas resources, many of the wealthiest members of the Andean nation have launched a violent campaign to denounce the effort and secede from the country.

Unlike the 1825 constitution being replaced, at which time the indigenous comprised roughly 90% of the population, the 2007 version solicited their input. Such a radical philosophical shift has greatly upset the largest beneficiaries of the nation's historical and material legacy of slavery, colonialism, and racism. Agence France Presse reports:
Four of Bolivia's richest departments Monday said they will put their autonomy hopes to referendum votes...

The energy-rich eastern departments of Santa Cruz, Tarija, Beni and Pando announced signature drives to... to approve their quest for greater autonomy.
Once their effort to sabotage the constituent assembly failed, one could easily predict the oligarchs' effort to take their ball and go home, setting themselves against the producers of Bolivia's wealth. The AFP continues:
Morales, the country's first indigenous president, has alienated the country's rich lowland regions, whose populations are largely ethnically European and mixed, by pushing his plan to redistribute the country's wealth to the poor natives in the mountains.
In 1860, Uncle Sam's all-white, all-male electorate selected as President a reformist who promised to alter the economic foundation of the country with his insistence that the institution of chattel slavery would extend no further. Henceforth, Lincoln argued, Uncle Sam's economy would run on wage slavery.

And just as Lincoln's proposed reform triggered a violent outcry among those most adversely effected - slave-owners - the Bolivian constitution, which also promises to alter the economic and social relations, has drawn similar ire from the former slave-holders and oligarchs.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they have taken as their flag a piece of cloth that accurately represents the interests for which they stand.

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18 December 2007

War-Pimpin' Uncle Sam Auctions More Death to alCIAda's Paymasters

The Bush/Bin Laden/Carlyle Group clique no doubt began wildly salivating today upon hearing the news, reported in Defense Industry Daily, that $5,100,000,000 worth of Uncle Sam's biggest export - Weapons of Mass Destruction - were leaving the Plantation en route to alCIAda's chief financier and middleman.

Rumor has it that military dictator Pervez Musharraf and his ISI allies celebrated the news with a ham sandwich before hitting up Richard Armitage's brand new gambling den for smack and whores.

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17 December 2007

Uncle Sam's alCIAda Fails to Frame-Up the Liberty City Seven

In one of the most comedic spectacles of Vanilla Justice in recent memory, Uncle Sam failed last week to frame-up 7 Florida residents on charges that they hoped to some day, with the help of the FBI, blow up the Sears Tower.

The plan was hatched by a FBI 'investigator' doubling as an alCIAda operative and had, as its mission, the entrapment of the 7 men. But the plan never got off the ground. The AP reports:
The group never actually made contact with alCIAda. Instead, a paid FBI informant known as Brother Mohammed posed as an alCIAda emissary.
The operative word, here, is 'posed.' Brother Mohammed was just a Pig.

The FBI/alCIAda team has worked together conducting terrorist operations for more than a decade. And just as the FBI took the lead before, during, and after 911 to engineer the cover-up, they took the lead here. However, rather than load a couple buildings with explosives, this time the Feds simply wanted to frame-up some brown folk and make a statement.

Defense Attorney Albert Levin hits the nail squarely on the head when he said after the trial: "This was all written, directed and produced by the FBI,"

Reuters reports that in its effort to entrap the men, the alCIAda operative promised "machine-guns, a rocket launcher, military uniforms, bullet-proof vests and other gear to build an army." Once the FBI organized the army, they planned to "spread chaos by poisoning salt-shakers in restaurants and blowing up buildings."

Luckily, the jury wasn't taken by the blatant and careless huckstering that characterizes the actions and behavior of the FBI/alCIAda tag team.

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15 December 2007

Pigwatch meets Sexwatch:
Gang-Raping Jersey Pigs go Hog Wild!

Seven New Jersey Pigs who attacked and gang-raped a woman over a six-hour period have begun deploying lawyers and ANONYMOUS surrogates to impugn and attack the credibility of their twenty-five year old victim.

As is customary when Pigs rape, the ANONYMOUS sources told the AP stringer that their victim asked for it.
The 25-year-old woman voluntarily engaged in sex over a six-hour period with five troopers... according to a person familiar with the case and who has spoken to one of the troopers involved. The source spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity.
The ANONYMOUS spokesperson for at least one of the Pigs explained that the woman voluntarily went home with one of her attackers who subsequently "invited three others to join in." He also asserted that the victim "later had sex [sic] with the owner of the home," presumably someone other than the man with whom she arrived.

One cannot imagine the horror this woman felt as the same Pig who sweet-talked her into bed invites 6 more steroid-addled Pigs - three of whom have wives - to gang-rape her for hours on end without thought or consequence.

What could you do in her situation? Call the Po-lice?

She must have felt like an Iraqi brutalized and tortured by Uncle Sam's Storm-Troopers.

But hers is not a perspective worth hearing - at least not to those who sign the propagandist's checks. So instead of getting the victim's perspective, as a journalist would, the AP employee instead interviews an attorney, representing one of the Pigs, who predictably attacked the credibility of the victim. “The suggestion that these were nonconsensual activities is absurd. It simply did not happen.”

As one ought also expect, on this case the wheels of justice have ground to a halt. Only a lunatic would expect that the most wretched beings on the planet - prosecutors - pursue a gang-rape committed by Pigs with any diligence whatsoever. After all, the two work hand-in-glove on the biggest racket going: the Prison-Industrial Complex.

Pigs frame-up their victims; prosecutors use jailhouse snitches, innuendo, and fabricated evidence to put them away; and everyone gets paid!

It's a beautiful testament to Vanilla Justice!

Given this relationship between prosecutors and the Pigs they protect, the refusal by the Mercer County Prosecutor to act comes as no surprise. By design that office has now given ample time to the Pigs and their legal team to develop a plan, including the smear campaign unleashed against the victim, and get their story straight before asking them to go on the record.

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Iraqis Resist Uncle Sam's Crusade;
Long Live the Iraqi Muqawama!!!

While the lackeys scratching out a living in the bowels of Uncle Sam's Ministry of Information - CNN, NBC, Fox, PBS... - prattle on endlessly about the 2008 elections, Sam's hapless, privatized genocide in Iraq staggers forward unable to achieve any of His objectives.
Propagandists will continue to ignore Iraq:  that's what their paymasters demand.  But their view nothing to do with reality.  
Here's the latest from Iraqi journalists - serious people (unlike Sam's bootlicking propagandists) whose lives are on the line because of their reporting.
Iraqi Resistance Report: 14 December 2007
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • US admits American soldier killed in bomb attack in southern Baghdad.
  • Bomb targets US, puppet army patrol in Baghdad Friday.
  • US admits American soldier shot to death in southern Baghdad Thursday.
  • British soldier reportedly dies of injuries received in traffic accident in al-Basrah.

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24 September 2007

Reactionary, Holocaust-Denying Propagandist President Speaks at Columbia

Columbia University on Monday offered itself in service of holocaust denying anti-Semitic President, Lee Bollinger.

Taking a respite from his vigilant quest to ethnically cleanse Harlem and going back on his promise last year to stifle free speech on behalf of his Zionist masters, Bollinger's propagandistic tirade - a 15-minute orgiastic apologia for Uncle Sam's Iraq Genocide and Apartheid Israel's right to maim and slaughter at will - and paean to anti-intellectualism pleased even the most tried-and-true experts in the field of ignorant bluster and reactionary propaganda.

As Uncle Sam's desire for war grows and as his bloodly ambition to slaughter innocent Persians builds, anti-Semitic Zionist 'soldiers' like Bollinger will be called upon with increasing frequency to justify and encourage an even wider crusade than the one already unleashed on the region by Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel.

And to that end - as a propagandist for empire - he did his job exquisitely.

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