27 January 2006

Apartheid Israel's Army of Child Killers Strikes Again

No matter who is in office, the racist brutality of the Zionist state remains constant. Two days after reporting that "a 13-year-old Palestinian was killed Monday night when he was shot by soldiers lying in ambush near the access road to his village," Pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz reports
Israel Defense Forces soldiers shot dead a 9-year-old Palestinian girl on Thursday in the Gaza Strip near the border with Israel, Palestinian medics said.
Skipping past the fabricated IDF account of the murder, the piece continues
A Palestinian ambulance found the girl's body hours after the incident and medics brought her to Nasser hospital in the Khan Yunis refugee camp. The girl was identified as Aya-Al Astal.

Palestinian policeman said she had been shot in the neck. An IDF spokeswoman said the army was conducting further checks about the killing.
Given the child-murdering policies Apartheid Israel has imposed on the Palestinians, is it really a mystery why they voted into power an organization opposed to negotiations with a government that continues to terrorize innocent children?

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