26 January 2006

Goodbye Abbas, Hello Hamas

With a Hamas victory in Palestine's parliamentary elections, the apocalyptic nightmare scenario envisioned by supporters of Apartheid Israel - from The Nation to Pat Robertson to Hillary Clinton to George Bush - has become reality. They failed despite the intense campaign by both Uncle Sam and the apartheid state to rig the elections by denying Hamas the right to campaign in key cities like Jerusalem and using the kind of NED exit polls used successfully to rig last years election in Ukraine. Now they have to contend with a Palestinian Authority unafraid to fight back, an outcome that right-wing Knesset member and Zionist fanatic Yuval Steinitz calls "an earthquake" and a "tragic defeat for Israel in the war against terrorism."

This outcome came about thanks to the racist and criminal policies of men like Steinitz and the drooling brain-dead killer Sharon. Hamas won yesterday because of Israel's apartheid wall, Israel's checkpoints, Israel's murders, Israel's property destruction, and Israel's land theft. Despite the countless violations of Palestinian civil and human rights by the apartheid government, Ha'aretz reports
Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar said Thursday he was ready to maintain a cease-fire with Israel forged last February if Israel does likewise, but that the Islamic group will respond to Israeli attacks "If they are going to continue commitment to what is called quietness, then we will continue. But if not, then I think we will have no option, but to protect our people and our land."
Given that murdering Arabs and stealing their land has become Israel's raison d'etre, the likelyhood of a Zionist cease-fire is roughly the same as Sharon waking up 100 pounds lighter and offering Zionists a way to undo the crisis they've brought on themselves. Instead, Israel will go on the offensive. Sharon's bosom buddy, Zionist Arab killer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres, commenced the calls for retribution by calling on the world to cut off foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority.

The neo-con affiliated pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post reports that Israel's Labor Pary - a group naively considered the 'peace' party by soft Zionists and Nation readers on Uncle Sam's plantation - reiterated their refusal to deal with Hamas in the wake of the election. The article begins
Labor Chairman Amir Peretz reiterated Thursday that his party did not consider Hamas a partner for peace negotiations.

"We have no intention of allowing negotiations to take place, or of allowing a third party to force us to recognize an organization that openly seeks to destroy Israel," Peretz said, adding that the apparent Hamas victory in the Palestinian Legislative elections undermined the stability of the Middle East.
Aparthied Israel has already begun begging its European allies to shut off any discussions with Hamas. Uncle Sam is less in need of Zionist lobbying.

Sambo Condi, speaking for Uncle Sam, told an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos, "as we have said, you cannot have one foot in politics and the other in terror. Our position on Hamas has therefore not changed." She made this apparently serious statement without mentioning the $5,000,000,000 Uncle Sam gives every year to Apartheid Israel for the purpose of terrorizing and killing Arabs.

The designs of Uncle Sam and their terrorist allies in Europe and Apartheid Israel to control the Middle East have been thwarted not only by the valiant Iraqi resistance, but also by armed non-governmental resistance groups - Hamas, Sadr's Mehdi Army in Iraq, Hizbullah in Lebanon. Their growing power, and the inability for the West to kill or control them means one of two things for Uncle Sam and its proxy allies: strategic retreat or all-out war.

Since the former won't occur without a great deal more bloodshed, we can only assume the plan hatched by Bush, Clinton, Blair, Merkel, Olmert, Mofaz & Co. will be all out war.

For that to occur, Bush has almost certainly ordered his most important ally - Bin Laden - to launch another terrorist attack in the United States to prepare the nation for martial law and the coming nuclear holocaust.

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