06 January 2006

Sharon Eats Big Macs through a Straw; Zionist Terrorism Continues; Media Flaks

Even as Ariel the Vegetable's brain gushes like Old Faithful, lunatic Zionists continue his lifelong mission of brutalizing and terrorizing innocent Palestinian civilians in the name of Apartheid Israel.

Reporting from the occupied territories, Amira Hass writes in Friday's Pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz that Palestinian children discovered around 100 uprooted olive trees belonging to a Palestinian family in the West Bank village of Yata.

The vandalized olive grove overlooks a road on which only Jews can travel.

The Apartheid government of Israel encourages these racist vandals by ignoring their actions and punishing them when it's politically expedient. To ethnically cleanse an area, Zionist terrorists routinely destroy Palestinian property -- they represent the Apartheid government's raison d'ĂȘtre. Since the state's business is Land Theft, so how can it really punish these people? For Zionists, (including Ariel the Vegetable), it would be like punishing yourselves.

Hass's piece continues
Over the past year there have been dozens of sabotage incidents of Palestinian-owned olive groves by settlers. As recently as last month more than 1,000 olive trees have been cut down on six different occasions.

Yesh Din, a civil rights group that offers Palestinians legal services on human rights issues, has filed this year from April thru November fifteen additional complaints against settlers and other Israeli citizens for sabotage of Palestinian-owned agricultural property.

At least five of these complaints were closed without pressing charges.

Judea and Samaria District police told Haaretz that 672 investigation files were opened in 2005 for "disruption of order by Israelis against Palestinian residents and security forces personnel in the West Bank, that included violence, use of force, sabotage, trespassing and similar offenses.
Meanwhile, another article in Ha'aretz reports, "Two Palestinian teens were lightly injured by gunfire near Nablus on Thursday night, in what may be the first case of Jewish terror activity in the West Bank in nearly three years."

Of course, when Ha'aretz speaks of 'terror activity' in this context, they omit the daily terrorism of bulldozings, assassinations, and checkpoints the apartheid government of Israel inflicts on the people of occupied Palestine every day.

But in America, since nobody hears about these things on NPR, reads them in the NY Times, or watches them on PBS or Fox News. If the victims have dark skin, they ignore it. They turn the camera around and interview Donald Rumsfeld or Peter Pace instead.

To prove it, one must simply observe the daily movement of the tanks and the daily direction of the cameras. What's true in Palestine is true in New Orleans, where residents are fighting off attempts by Uncle Sam and their Sambo mayor to ethnically cleanse the Black population using the same bulldozers and armored humvees they're using in Iraq, where resistance continues after more than 15 years and a million deaths.

Observe how the media cover the crisis in Haiti, where the US government and its mercenary army kidnapped the President, sent him into forced exile, and is now - through its UN proxy - trying to destroy the Lavalas party that represents more than 90% of the country.

The government's propaganda arm - the corporate media - serves the state. They work with the government to create an alternate reality, often to start wars. In Iraq, Judith Miller and Zionist neocons like Douglass Feith, Robert Franklin, Eliot Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz, and Dick Cheney worked hand-in-glove in violation of a litany of their own laws to escalate that war, which even the Democratic Party hacks at MoveOn.org opposed! Down in Haiti, Regine Alexandre, a US spy, fabricates stories as a paid reporter for the NY Times (and the AP prior to her recent firing on acount of this story).

The primary function of the corportate media is to ignore the truth and spin the lie. Their lies take many forms, but over time one learns to use them. By showing their ass so nakedly, Judith Miller, Ginger Thompson, Bob Woodward, Regine Alexandre - Ha'aretz, PBS, CNN and the rest of the corporate media - have completely given their role as political lackies away.

We now have proof that US spies write for the Times. No, not David Brooks, William Safire, Maureen Dowd, Thomas Friedman and the gang spewing silly garbage on the op-ed pages, though that's a sensible thought! We now know that pseudo-covert spies working for Uncle Sam write for the Times and get their name in italics at the bottom of the article.

What needs to become more obvious is how they tell lie after lie after lie, day after day after day, about issue after issue after issue. And that's what we're here to do.

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