10 October 2006

Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri: “If Israel does not pull out we will have to drive them out."

Tuesday's Guardian ran an interview with a key Hizbullah ally in Lebanon. In it, Nabih Berri - speaker of the Lebanese parliament - makes some very interesting comments regarding the Shebaa Farms region of Lebanon, a region occupied by Apartheid Israel's Land-Grabbers - easy prey for Hizbullah Resistance fighters. The piece begins:
Hizbullah will resume its military campaign against Israel unless it withdraws from the disputed Shebaa farms area and other pockets of territory occupied during this summer’s 34-day war, Nabih Berri, speaker of the Lebanese parliament, has warned.

"If Israel does not pull out we will have to drive them out," said Mr Berri, who acted as a link to the militant organisation during this summer’s war with Israel, in an interview with the
This is a direct warning to Apartheid Israel from Hizbullah - get out of Shebaa. Nobody, including the Zionist spy site DEBKAfile, believes Hizbullah will stand idly by if the Zionist colony ignores this warning. Berri continues:
Mr Berri also expressed concerns some UN forces could be involved in gathering information that could fall into the hands of Israel's intelligence agency Mossad.

"We will allow them to do everything they need to complete their mission, we don't want to interfere in their work, but we will be watching closely. We have to be careful, but we have a very effective intelligence service and we are used to watching for Israeli spies."
Hizbullah knows all about Zionist spies. As New York Newsday reported, Hizbullah cracked Apartheid Israel's radio code during the Zionist colony's Summer Blitzkrieg.

[Incidentally, during the same time Hizbullah also destroyed many of Apartheid Israel's tanks and several ships - most of which are bought and paid for with Uncle Sam's welfare checks - and forced the attacking Zionist Land-Grabbers into an unexpected wholesale retreat.]

The Berri interview concluded:
We will help them and give them everything they need to complete their mission but we will not accept the force if its presence is to secure Israel. They are on our land, so that means they have to work in the interests of Lebanon, not Israel.
Despite the fact that Apartheid Israel deliberately attacked and murdered 4 UN observers in a targetted attack during their blitzkrieg of Lebanon, the UN remains an institution servile and quiescent to Uncle Sam and its ruling corporate order. That order includes Apartheid Israel.

With Uncle Sam's collaborators like German Prime Minister Angela Merkel playing a role in the UN occupation, Berri is rational to question whether their Land-Grabbers are working with the Zionist Land-Grabbers. Merkel (about whom we at Savage Justice have written 2, 3 - said that her country's job in occupying Lebanon was to "protect [Apartheid] Israel."


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