20 January 2007

UnionJack's Forces Under Heavy Assault in Southern Iraq

Even as Uncle Sam tries to turn up the heat on Sadrists in Baghdad (as the invaluable Roads to Iraq reports) in a last-ditch campaign to salvage something from his complete defeat in Iraq, we read on the AP wire service reports that entrenched UnionJack forces occupying the southern city of Basra - a city that borders Iran - have come under heavy bombardment in recent days:
Six British soldiers were wounded in attacks on their base in southern Iraq last night, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said today.

The Basra Palace camp in Basra city came under fire from a mixture of mortars, rockets and small arms three times yesterday evening.

In the attacks, one soldier was seriously wounded and five others sustained minor injuries...

Two British soldiers suffered minor injuries when their patrol came under attack in the Al Ashshar area of Basra province on Wednesday.
Just as Uncle Sam compelled the always-willing UnionJack to lead NATO's disasterous, failed occupation of Afghanistan, he also convinced Jack to hold down Basra in Iraq. And like every other conclusion reached by Uncle Sam's WarOn Terrorists, their arrogant and racist assumptions about the viability and plausibility of these two missions have left a good number of UnionJack's soldiers surrounded by enemies, helplessly under attack in a foreign land.

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