14 August 2007

Uncle Sam's Frame-Up of Jose Padilla Continues

In a post entitled "No Evidence, No Problem" at the blog Left i on the News, Comrade Eli Stephens has written instructively about the bizarre case of Jose Padilla, the citizen kidnapped by Uncle Sam and held without charge for 5 years in a Concentration Camp as a "military combatant," a confected rhetorical device used by Uncle Sam's WarOn Terrorists to justify ignoring the constitution.

Surely one can easily recall how Padilla was kidnapped on the basis of a claim by John Ashcroft (see video below) that he planned to use a "dirty bomb"?

Well, his silly claim is no longer part of the case - it was, however, necessary for the propaganda campaign needed to establish a precedent. In other words, Padilla's another victim of Vanilla Justice.

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