16 August 2007

Savage Graveyard: Iraqi Muqawama Bleeds Uncle Sam's Sadistic Child Torturers

The self-parodying neo-fascist blogosphere continues to repeat the same claims of 'success' and 'victory' that Uncle Sam's official propagandists in Iraq have raised there for more than 4 years.

I suppose that's easy to do when you're not dying!

As evidence of Uncle Sam's decisive 'victory', they point to the fact that He has crammed more than 20,000 Iraqis into Torture Chambers and Concentration Camps, including more than 750 Iraqi children!
Military officials said that the American occupation army has arrested 750 children, aged between 11 to 17 years...

The American army had detained by February, with growing numbers of troops in Iraq, approximately 16 thousand people. Since that time, the number of detainees in American prisons increased by 50% to nearly 24 thousand prisoners.
Much like the 'body count' figures used to validate their claims of 'success' in Vietnam, Uncle Sam uses stats like this one - number of innocent Iraqis held in its gulags - as evidence of 'victory'.

Unfortunately for Him, fabricated definitions and terrorist attacks on civilians cannot whitewash military defeat. As Uncle Sam proudly announced this news, material reality again reared its head in the form of a video posted to the internet of a Iraqi resistance attack Abu-Graib prison that destroyed the guard towers (~2:30 into the video).

In addition to the proud admission that Uncle Sam's Gulag was buzzing with child victims even as it was under attack, His War Propagandists admitted yesterday that 10 Storm-Troopers have found their way into the Savage Graveyard at the hands of the Iraqi Resistance. Three died on the ground in restive Nineveh province (scene of the Biblical fairy tale about Jonah) and two more in Baghdad. Five more bit the dust when their Chinook helicopter went down in Resistance-held Anbar province.

Meanwhile, AFP reported that the Resistance has successfully targeted a group of high-level collaborators from Iraq's puppet government:
The governor and police chief of Iraq's southern Shiite city of Diwaniyah were killed when a bomb attack ripped through their convoy on Saturday...

"The hospital in Diwaniyah received the governor and police chief, and three other corpses from their security detail," said Doctor Hamid Gaati, head of the health directorate in Diwaniyah...

A senior security official in Diwaniyah said they were killed in a multiple bomb attack on their convoy.

"More than 10 IEDs (roadside bombs) targeted a convoy of the governor and the chief of police on their way back from Afak to the centre of the city, killing the governor of Diwaniyah and the chief of police," said the official.
Falsify as they might, Uncle Sam's neo-fascist apologists simply can deny neither the reality of the Resistance's growing strength in Iraq - as evidenced by the sophisticated military operations outlined above - or the utter depravity of Uncle Sam's demoralized military. For four years, lacking a fraction of the intelligence needed to defeat a guerrilla insurgency, Uncle Sam has marched through Iraq torturing women and murdering children. In doing so, they have extinguished every conceivable excuse for their failure to subdue the heroic Resistance who, day after day, does more to combat Uncle Sam's Imperial machine than anyone else on earth.

And while apologetics and myth-making may have the desired effect of propagandizing those living on Uncle Sam's Plantation, they fail to subdue the resounding cry heard throughout Iraq:

Down with Imperial Occupation!
Long Live the Muqawama!

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