24 July 2007

Release Kenneth Foster NOW!
DOWN with Uncle Sam's Police State!

On 30 August, Uncle Sam and the state of Texas plan to use an arbitrary legal technicality called the "law of parties" to murder author and poet Kenneth Foster for the crime of driving a car near the scene of a murder.

Predictably, Foster's court-appointed lawyer did little to defend him, paying lip-service to both his categorical innocence and the extenuating circumstances of Foster's case. For this he no-doubt earned an assist from Uncle Sam and furthered his career.

Like most death-penalty cases, Foster's case has nothing at all to do with the crime itself and everything to do with Uncle Sam's system of Vanilla Justice. He uses this form of legalized murder today just as he used lynching during Jim Crow - to send a message and intimidate the oppressed, often through its arbitrariness, about who has power.

In that respect, Uncle Sam's murders here on the Plantation serve the same function as his concentration camps abroad. These modes of coercion embody the perverted use of justice in a Police State.

To add your name to the growing chorus of people who want to see Foster released, visit the Save Kenneth blog or click on the title above for more information.

"Police State" by dead prez
from their debut album let's get free

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