14 January 2007

NeoCon Rag Acknowledges Union Jack's Failure in Afghanistan

The Sunday Telegraph received a report leaked by the British military that presents a reality Tony Blair still refuses to acknowledge: the Afghan Resistance has defeated UnionJack's NATO-led Crusade.
A lack of political direction, a shortage of soldiers and "complete disconnection" between the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence combined to hinder progress in the war in Afghanistan, a report by military chiefs has concluded.

The document, drawn up by senior officers from 16 Air Assault Brigade, gives a withering assessment of how decisions in Whitehall prevented progress against the Taliban and, sources claim, contributed to deaths and injuries among soldiers.
Just as Apartheid Israel has failed to occupy Palestine and Uncle Sam has failed in Iraq, UnionJack's NATO occupation will inevitably fail and provoke another British retreat from Afghanistan.

Yet in response, Union Jack has clutched the boots of his Uncle Sam even more tightly, buying into his philosophy that nuking Iran will create peace.

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