28 January 2007

Document leaked to EI Exposes Zionist Apartheid

Electronic Intifada, an invaluable resource to those who care about the ongoing Zionist genocide of Palestinian Semites, recently acquired a power point presentation leaked from Apartheid Israel's Ministry of 'Defense' that:
Provides detail of the regime of severe movement restrictions, bureaucratic ethnic cleansing and political manipulation and fostering of collaborators that Israel operates in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.
In his introduction of the Power Point presentation, Ali Abunimah accurately concludes that after watching it one cannot evade the truth of the systematic and methodical purge of Palestine. He concisely explains what the document matter-of-factly shows, especially by its bureaucratic everydayness:
What does exist, and is plain for all the world to see, is a horrifying regime of totalitarian control of millions of Palestinians who remain prisoners of Israel's racist system and the army and settler militias that enforce it.
Yet even as realities like these present themselves to the public with a disturbing routineness, Zionist defenders of Apartheid Israel will nevertheless continue to shuck'n'jive, evading the issue. They find much greater solace in attacking critics of Apartheid, far preferring it to confronting reality.

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