27 April 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: The Beast Rulers Lock Their Horns

Slave Revolt Radio
The Beast Rulers Lock Their Horns
by Tracey James

A major feud between sectors the ruling sectors of this genocidal private market society is raging. It's a battle over tactical strategies of domination in the Middle East region.

The Neocons strategy is to militarily break up the middle eastern states into tribal, ethnic, and hocus pocus religious subsets by armed force. The Zbigniew Brzezinski C.I.A. faction believe in the economic hit man, 'swarming', covert hits and sabotage method. Both sides agree with U.S. genocidal domination on a privatized global scale. The question and fight between them is how best to get there in the Middle East.

In a (Ruins of Empire) segment called The beast rulers lock their horns: Decoding the conflict over the permanent war strategy between the ruling order factions' Slave Revolt deals with this subject. Clips from Sy Hersh, Donald Rumsfeld, Joseph Wilson, and Zbigniew Brzezinski are hi-lighted and decoded in this internal conflict. A conflict that the Slaves must take advantage of and cleanse from the planet all of the 'Orders' factions.

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