19 August 2007

Slave Revolt Radio:
Hollywood Corporate Military Media Industrial Market Complex

Slave Revolt Radio
The Hollywood, Corporate Military Media Industrial Market Complex Estate
by Tracey James

In his latest broadcast, Tracey James and Slave Revolt Radio burst back onto the pages of Savage Justice with a searing indictment of the media's complicity in Uncle Sam's global imperialist crusade. Highlighting the selective use of sources and the conscientious manipulation of information, James explores the role played by the myth-making industry - especially in transforming Uncle Sam's alCIAda Black Op into a national, unifying myth - in providing a pretext for future imperialist wars.
The U.S. Empire is a Corporate War Complex, Privatized Market Based Society. It is designed to express the interest of the Rulers. Hollywood, the Corporate media, and Television express those interest in various ways. One of the most important forms of these 'expressions' for the Market Order is in the developments, actions, and justifications for Imperialist Wars.

In this (Beyond The Shadow) segment called 'The Hollywood, Corporate Military Media Industrial Market Complex Estate' Slave Revolt turns it's camera lens on this subject. Clips from the 1950's TV show 'Lassie', Hollywood Researcher Dave Robb, Dinesh D'Souza (Right Wing Author/Propagandist), Ralph McGee (Former CIA Operative (Author of the book Deadly Deceits), and others are explored in this War Matrixed Society.

A Society where War Hollywood and it's War Media for the Corporate War Estate go together like Christianity, Islam and Human Slavery.

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