15 August 2007

Dershowitz, Foxman & Lieberman LLC in Latest Snit over Michigan Billboard

Al-Manar reports:
When you stand on the US territories at the Detroit riverbank in Michigan State and look towards the opposite side, you will see a huge picture for Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah surrounded by a number of Lebanese figures....

On both sides of the painting, a phrase was written in Arabic and English languages which says, "Arab and Lebanese Communities in Windsor City congratulate the Lebanese people for their steadfastness and endeavor to establish peace in Lebanon."
One can only imagine the hysteria among Zionists upon reading this news in The Zionist Bedwetter! After performing the duty of all good AshkeNazis on Sam's Plantation - whining and crying from the rooftops about the Jewish Holocaust and the savagery of Arab's who resist ethnic cleansing - two things happened in quick succession:
  1. Millions of Zionists throughout Uncle Sam's Plantation retreated in hysterical fear to their custom-made bunkers where they feasted on cheeseburgers and watched the Home Shopping Network.
  2. The world's chief defenders of baby-killing and torture - Dershowitz, Foxman & Lieberman LLC - scrambled to denounce the billboard and condemn anyone who asserted their right to speak in opposition to them.
It goes without saying that the whining AshkeNazis (like Mickey Blustein) will ultimately get their wish: the people who took the money will capitulate to the worlds most vociferous whiners and insist on its removal. However the billboard itself as well as their sanctimonious, weak-willed response to it, offers another illustration of full-frontal assault launched by Vanilla Zionists on any type of speech that doesn't echo their pro-Apartheid, pro-torture, pro-baby killing line.

It also exposes the inherent weakness of a genocidal ideology so unable to stomach even the most innocuous reminder of its inadequacies that it cries to the high-heavens and demands of others to prevent the reification or celebration of events its defenders could not prevent. No amount of begging Uncle Sam to send more welfare checks to Apartheid Israel last summer from Dershowitz, Foxman & Lieberman LLC could prevent the Land-Grabbers' resounding defeat on the battlefield at the hands of the Lebanese Resistance.

Instead of doing something to improve the material condition of the Zionist military, they bitch and moan to have any reminder of the Zionists' weakness, no matter how small, removed from the public record.

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