17 July 2007

Slave Revolt Radio
Utopian Capitalism on Sam's Plantation

Slave Revolt Radio
Utopian Capitalism:
Over-spending, Over-consumption and Intentional Economic, Psychological, and Physical Debt Servitude
by Tracey James

The over consumption over spending 'Life' style of much of the American population is a trap. It's a poor imitation of the Elite. It's a labor class that's been beat down and in turn lost of much of it's own class identity, only for it to be replaced with the decadent destructive 'life style of the rich and famous' class groupings. The real 'price' for such Utopianism is devastating mentally, emotionally, economically, and culturally.

In this (Ruins of Empire) segment called Utopian Capitalism: Over Spending, Over Consumption and Intentional Economic, Psychological, and Physical Debt Servitude' Slave Revolt will try to explore some of these dynamics.

Clips from Juliet Schor, Monie Love, Ayesha aka Najahface, John Coltrane, and others help bring this debt servitude to the light. A 'life' style where the labor masses are putting on a minstrel performance of the rich.

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