27 July 2007

Slave Revolt Radio
Reconstructions End, The Terrorists Gains
Part II

Slave Revolt Radio
Reconstructions End, The Terrorists Gains: Colored Ballots, White Bullets
Part II

by Tracey James

In the second part of his two-part program on White Terrorism during the Reconstruction period, James goes into the dynamics of how the White Line and other groups systematically used terrorism and violence as a means to regain control of the South in the decade following the Uncle Sam's Second Revolution.

James explains that "while the Civil War was essentially about Slavery it was not about true Black human emancipation or liberation." In fact, Uncle Sam did nothing to punish this terrorism. Instead, he cut a deal during the 1876 election that ended Reconstruction and gave Vanilla Terrorists their day in the sun.

James links the similarities between the treatment of Black people found themselves in during the economic crisis of the 1870s with the Native Aboriginals of the time. He shows how the North's 'victory' in the civil war and the Republican 'victory' during the election of 1876 really marked a 'victory' for industrial capitalism and the centrality of a new type of slavery - Wage Slavery - on Uncle Sam's plantation. It was for the Capitalist Class of the Northern Industrialist's benefit.

James concludes the show with a commentary - 'Happy 4th of Jul-lie, it ain't our independence day' - that helps highlight the abomination that is the "American Experiment."

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