22 July 2007

Slave Revolt Radio
Reconstructions End, The Terrorists Gains

Slave Revolt Radio
Reconstructions End, The Terrorists Gains: Colored Ballots, White Bullets (Part 1)
by Tracey James

During the Reconstruction period, armed White supremacist terrorist groupings like the White League (The armed branch of the Democratic party) aimed to destroy human beings and eviscerate their basic human rights. As the legislative branch of White supremacy during the period, the actions of the Democratic party shed a bright light on the real America. The quagmire Black people found themselves in and the horror we faced can only be compared to the Native Aboriginals populations of this land. For while the Civil War was essentially about Slavery it was not about true Black human emancipation and or liberation - there is a difference.

In this (Beyond The Shadows) two part program called 'Reconstructions End, The Terrorists Gains: Colored Ballots, White Bullets,' Slave Revolt shoots straight into this topic. We examine how the Elite White Planter Class of the South (raw material producers that exploited Slave labor) and the Elite White Industrial class (Railroad, Steel, Bankers, etc)of the North (the raw material manufactures that exploited Wage laborers) had two different visions of domination and expansion for America. This Political, Economic, World view was settled by the Northern Industrialist Capitalist Class destroying the Southern Elites labor base - Slave labor - during the Civil War. Yet this was not for Black peoples benefit. It was for the Capitalist Class of the Northern Industrialist benefit, which becomes clear as Black people try to Reconstruct their lives in the Reconstruction period in the south.

Clip from Eric Foner (Author of the epic Reconstuction as well as many other books, including Forever Free), Nicholas Lemann (Author of the book Redemption, the last battle of the Civil War) and others along with a Tracey James Commentary 'Happy 4th of Jul-lie, it ain't our independence day' help highlight the abomination that is the "American Experiment" - an Experiment that needs to Experience another Civil War For the Slaves By the Slaves so that the Slaves can truly benefit.

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