03 February 2007

Peter Gowans: Uncle Sam's WarOn Terrorists Strike Iran

At his blog What's Left (just added to our blogroll), Peter Gowans has written a very informative, detailed piece entitled "The War on Iran" in which he makes a materialist case that the ongoing diplomatic shell-game played by Uncle Sam (along with his Zionist proxies and European lackeys) camouflages their already existing attack on the Persian people. He writes:
The US, Britain and Israel are at war with Iran. The war is not conducted, at the moment, anyway, through missile strikes, bombing campaigns or land invasion, but by intimidation, provocation, subversion, and economic warfare. While the war is being justified as a necessary response to a growing threat of nuclear proliferation and to counter the alleged existential threat to Jews living in Israel posed by the president of Iran, the real reason for the war is to be found in the domination of public policy by the owners and high-level executives of banks and large corporations and in the directions in which the logic of capitalism pushes them to shape foreign policy.
Gowans cites R. Palme Dutt's aphorism that diplomacy is war by other means - a point made by Carl von Clausewitz as well. Strongly supported by compelling evidence, the piece is a must-read to counter the existing propaganda that Uncle Sam has no intention of waging war on Iran.

In truth, the war began long ago. The question remaining before us now is how long it assumes an overtly military character.

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