13 September 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: The Lost Souls of a Militarized Empire

Slave Revolt Radio
The Lost Souls of a Militarized Empire
by Tracey James

Part of the consequences of living in a top down militarized market based society is that much of the population values parrot that of the rulers in that society. One of the most dominant forms of expression in a imperial based society is that of violence. A population or persons with in that society that do not develop a independent code of resistance and ethics (Slave Codes) on their own are often lead into either cheer leading drones for the state, pie in the sky passive/'protest' observers of the brutality of the rulers, or jackbooted soldiers of annihilation for the 'Order'.

In this (Ruins of Empire) segment called 'The lost souls of a militarized empire' Slave Revolt attempts to address these multilayered issues. Here how a man with no 'direction' in life finds temporary 'meaning' and a 'sense of purpose' by being a machine gunner of humans he's never met. A gi jane woman who had to carry a gun to protect herself from sexual violence by men serving in the same military, and serving the same empire as herself. Yet she never stops to question how can this type of human product and institution bring 'freedom' anywhere?. And is this really the true agenda of the American Empire?.

These soulless ones stories along with others high-lite a land where lost souls devoured by the Beast is the daily feast of Empires, Regimes, and Religious based privatized hierarchical societies. Societies that the Slaves of the world must not allow to consume their souls.

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