16 June 2006

Zionist Terrorism and the Law of Diminishing Returns

In what has begun to sound like a broken record, Apartheid Israel's "Justice" Minister Haim Ramon threatened the Palestinian people with massive collective punishment if their resistance to the Zionist occupation of Palestine continues.
If the residents of the Gaza Strip don't act and don't understand that the biggest threat to their security is the Qassam fire, then we will have to intensify our response and take steps that we have not yet taken.
In the wake of Apartheid Israel's horrific assault on a beach that killed an entire Palestinian family and their rocket attack that killed several more innocent civilians, the threat that violence will intensify has started to lose its meaning. When any random family already finds itself subject to the Zionist's mass slaughter, what more can they do to heighten the bloodshed?

Kill more civilians, perhaps?

Concretely, the threat may include terrorist attacks and assassinations on Palestinian leadership committed to resistance as proposed by MK Avigdor Lieberman, the fascist leader of the pro-genocide Yisrael Beiteinu political faction.

As we discussed earlier this week, Apartheid Israel has employed this strategy of terrorist assassinations in Lebanon for some time.

But in reality, Apartheid Israel - by penning the Palestinian people into open air prisons, bulldozing homes at will, and launching one massacre after another - has reached the point where its violent responses to Palestinian resistance backfire, strengthening both the Palestinian leadership that pledges to continue resisting its Apartheid occupation and to the Palestinian Liberation Movement abroad.

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