14 June 2006

Zionist Collaborators Busted in Lebanon

On Wednesday, Rym Ghazal and Mohammed Zaatari reported in The Daily Star on the bust of a Zionist spy network with deep terrorist ties in Lebanon:
The Lebanese Army has uncovered a terrorist network that allegedly assassinated several Lebanese and Palestinian leaders on behalf of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency.

The reported head of the network, Lebanese Mahmoud Abu Rafeh, confessed to the assassinations and Israeli connection on Tuesday, according to a statement from Army Command.

"The terrorist network has been active in Lebanon for several years. Its members received training inside and outside Israel and were equipped with the latest tools and techniques used by Israel's Mossad to carry out assigned assassinations in Lebanon," the statement said.
Upon hearing the news, a high ranking Hizbullah official, Ghalib Abu Zaynab, pointed to the terrorist network as evidence of the ongoing Zionist threat. "It is a reminder that Israel [continues to pose a] threat, continues to breach Lebanon's security and should never be dismissed as a suspect in assassinations and explosions that have occurred in Lebanon."

Not suprisingly Rafeh the terrorist belongs to the same community of collaborators led nominally by another Zionist operative, Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt.

Jumblatt, whose loyalty to and collaboration with Apartheid Israel has no limit, has frequently called for the demobilization of the Shi'i Lebanese resistance group, Hizbullah. In his latest attack on the group, he asserted flatly that "Hizbullah's role is over. Democracy is through the government and the government only."

This is silliness, of course, since Hizbullah is the most powerful and most important political group in the country.

Nevertheless, the pro-Apartheid terrorist network supported by Druze collaboration has deep roots and bears responsibility for the shedding of much Lebanese blood. Ghazal and Mohammed Zaatari's piece continues:
The other assassinations were those of Hizbullah officials Ali Hassan Dieb and Ali Saleh on August 16, 1999 and August 2, 2003, respectively, as well as the May 20, 2002 murder of Jihad Ahmad Jibril, the son of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command leader Ahmad Jibril.

At the time of the Majzoub assassination, Israel denied any connection to the car bombing.

The army also credited the network with two other failed assassination attempts; the first consisting of explosive devices found along the Al-Zahrani main road on January 18, 2005, which were dismantled by the military; and a bomb that detonated at Jissr Al-Nameeh on August 22, 1999, which had been intended for Palestinian officials
The exposure of the campaign of terrorist collaboration with Apartheid Israel along with the naked efforts to force Hizbullah to unilaterally disarm exposes more nakedly than ever before the true state of affairs in Lebanon.

One one side, those who resist the Zionist occupation and on the other, those who collaborate with it. One only hopes that those exposed as having made the wrong decision will suffer.

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