15 June 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: And Then They Came For Yee

For years Chaplin James Yee was a proud GI Joe solider for the U.S. imperial machine. He saw no contradiction between his hocus pocus faith in religion and his faith and service to the imperial 'Order'. Yee had no problem serving Sam and Allah.

Until they came for him.

In this (Beyond the Shadow) segment called 'And then they came for me: Islam's Chaplin James Yee mystical journey' Slave Revolt shoots it's way through these joint ventures of sorcery and imperial genocide. Pacts between 'God' and State. And the 'morality' of the mystic, and the morality of the slave.

For one can be a capitalist and be a christian. One can be a imperialist and be a Islam. One can be a colonialist and be a Hebron. But one can not be a capitalist, a imperialist, and or a colonialist and be a Slave. Slave Revolt!

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