09 May 2006

Poll Reveals 62% of Israelis Favor Ethnic Cleansing; Nobel Laureate Threatens to "Wipe Iran off the Map"

Two items appeared in Israel's Pro-Apartheid media on Tuesday that provide a sense of the pervasive racism and the genocidal impulse permeating the Zionist colony today.

Writing in pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz, Amiram Barka reported on a recent poll done by the Israel Democracy Institute which showed that, "62 percent of Israelis support government-backed Arab emigration."

As Uncle Sam's history shows and Sambo Warren the Injun Killer knows, "Government-backed emigration" is euphamistic language for forced expulsion and ethnic cleansing. The fact that more than 6-in-10 Zionist settlers in Apartheid Israel favors this genocidal policy nakedly exposes the same kind of racism that validates attacks on school children and the execution of senior citizens simply because of their Arab-ness.

In the second story, reported in the pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post that Shimon Peres warned on Monday: "Iran can also be wiped off the map."

When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made a similar statement regarding Apartheid Israel months ago, its defenders could not bark or cry loudly enough about how he - like Saddam and Milosovic - was the New Hitler.

Does anyone believe that the moral relativists who made those claims will do the same for Peres? Will anyone compare Peres to Hitler?

Here's a hint: don't hold your breath - there's no hypocrisy quite like the hypocrisy of one who simultaneously defends both both Zionism and the idea of a racially pure state, as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert recently did.

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