11 May 2006

A Call to Sambo Warren the Injun Killer to Condemn Precott Bush's Graverobbing

Much ink was spilled in the neo-fascist blogosphere castigating us for our Savage Klanwatch Profile last week of Sambo Warren the Injun Killer and his blog, Long Range.

In the post, we called out Sambo Warren the Injun Killer for his his historical amnesia. In particular, we condemned his decision, in spite of Uncle Sam's genocide of his People, to pick up a gun and fight for Sam during its similarly genocidal campaign against the people of Vietnam.

Retrospectively, we feel that our condemnation of Sambo Warren the Injun Killer may have been overly harsh, and our hope is that this post can serve as an olive branch.

It goes without saying that most people with indigenous roots preceding the conquest of 'America' by Vanilla Sam would harbor great anger and resentment towards those parties guilty of desecrating the grave and stealing the skull of the Apache Warrior, Geronimo. An even greater number would no doubt feel outrage upon learning that Prescott Bush - Nazi Sympathizer & Godfather of the Bush Dynasty - was among those responsbile for this crime:
One of the Bush family's most macabre crimes is squirming in the light again, thanks to an 88-year-old letter discovered in the bowels of Yale University.

In 1918, Prescott Bush reportedly raided the actual grave of Apache warrior Geronimo...

Bush, like his son George and grandson George W. after him... was a member of "The Order" known as Skull and Bones.

One long-rumored [Skull & Bones] ritual requires the new Bonesman - known in the Order as a "knight" - to do something obscene to Geronimo's skull. Using the actual human remains of a beloved American Indian historical figure for a secret society's hazing rituals shows just how the Skull and Bones men see the world they are trained to control.

Today the grave-robbing story has been verified by the wire services and cable news channels, after Yale Alumni Magazine published the details of the damning letter in the new issue.

In an effort to put past differences behind us, if forthcoming, we at Savage Justice have decided to print - as an unedited article rather than a comment - Sambo Warren the Injun Killer's condemnation of Prescott Bush's desecration of Geronimo's grave.

Please note, however, that since this blog is reserved for critics of Uncle Sam's savagery, any post that defends the actions or the Yale students of Sam's Empire will run as a comment, not a post.

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