22 March 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: Dollar$ & Chain$

The modern day Empire of America rest on two major pillars, it's military and the U.S. dollar. The U.S. dollar is part of the imperial order. In the 1970's the Government of America with it's great an essential ally in Saudi Arabia locked the world into a petrodollar exchange system. Forcing the world to have to gain access to American currency as the only means to purchase the crucial energy fuel petroleum. This petrodollar scheme launched the second phase of the U.S. imperial 'American century'. A dollar imperial order that has devastated world development and is one of the key component to 3rd world debt.

Slave Revolt explores these dynamics in a (Ruins of Empire) segment called 'Dollar$ and Chain$: U.S. Imperialism in the age of petrodollar decline'. We examine the rise of the Euro currency and the conflict that these two privatized monetary systems are in. This conflict has geopoli! tical, corporate based alignment, Nation state implications. War without end is what these institutions have to offer the slaves and servants of the planet unless we break the chain of this 'dollars and chains' order.

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