13 August 2007

Zionists Launch Military Offensive Against Palestinian Children

One gets a glimpse of Apartheid Israel's savage criminality in many ways, but none highlights the terrorist actions of the Zionist settler colony more than its treatment of Palestinian children. We read in Ma'an on Monday:
Israeli troops abducted a Palestinian girl, Amina Abu Mandeel, aged 14, from the central Gaza Strip on Sunday.

Amina was tending a herd of sheep near the border fence between Gaza and Israel, east of Al Maghazi refugee camp, when she was seized.
Tragic accounts like this one occur with frequency in Zionist-Occupied Palestine, but unlike this case, the antagonists are usually AshkeNazi Squatters living on the dole and not the government itself. Less than 3 weeks ago, the pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post reported:
A young Palestinian shepherd was... attacked near the Kusra village located south of Nablus... The attackers were armed settlers.

The youth was rushed to a Nablus hospital in moderate condition, suffering fractures in his arms and legs...

Two settlers driving an SUV fired in the air, attacked the boy and drove him on the vehicle to the nearby Village of Duma...
The anti-Semitic Squatters serve as Apartheid Israel's Shock Troops, terrorizing the indigenous Palestinians as a means of compelling them to leave their homeland.

They never attack adults who fight back. Instead, they attack children and vandalize property (burning down olive groves is another of their favorite hobbies). Apartheid Israel approves of these actions. Squatter terrorism preserves plausible deniability for the government, which sanctions the most overt terrorism while punishing the victims - the children of Palestine.
A report issued by Defense for Children International (DCI), called “Children Behind Bars”, found that during 2006 and the first half of 2007, the vast majority of children apprehended by the Israeli forces were imprisoned. Only 3 to 5% of the juveniles abducted were granted bail pending trial....

Children confessed to the charges brought against them after extended periods of interrogation, which occurred before their court appearance....

One child, Rashed Radwa, recalls being beaten whilst blindfolded. He was then forced into stress positions for ten hours in cold weather. He was then asked to sign papers in Hebrew and when he refused his interrogator smashed his head against a desk...

16-year-old Assem Lufti Abdel Lattif Khalil recounts his experience of torture at the hands of Israeli soldiers. He was beaten and put in a stress position outdoors in the rain. He spent 40 days in an interrogation centre.

One 15-year-old said that he was sexually abused and beaten repeatedly in sensitive areas of his body.
One often finds, in news accounts highlighting Squatter Terrorism, attempts by the Zionist government to divorce itself from the actions - usually by way of a government 'investigation'. But this report exposes that the AshkeNazi terrorists are cogs in their machine of occupation - instruments of Zionism that provide a win-win situation to the government by advancing Apartheid Israel's ultimate aim of Palestinian genocide without any of the troublesome diplomatic issues that arise when official elements of the government undertake such behavior.

As revolutionaries, we must understand that for the indigenous people of Palestine, the only solution to this invasion is a militant fightback against both the the official and non-official elements of the Zionist occupation. While one must criticize the political leadership of the Palestinian people when necessary, such criticism must take into account their material reality - that is, a people living in the world's largest gulag under the boot a military dictatorship bankrolled by the world's most profligate death merchant.

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