16 August 2007

AshkeNazi Zionists to Beta Israel:
"No Niggers Wanted! Israel is an Apartheid State!"

Defenders of the Zionist colony frequently point to the immigration of Beta Israel - Jews of Ethiopian descent - as proof that the squatter colony does not desire a racially pure homeland (akin to the desires of the Third Reich), but rather wants a religiously pure state.

"We love our Ethiopian Jews!" they assert as though referring to their pets. "Our problem is with the filthy Arabs who blow up pizza joints!"

However abundant evidence demonstrates that this claim is but sophistry and apologetics meant to conceal Zionism's racist nature. In Wednesday's Pro-Apartheid Ynet, we read that:
Less than three weeks before the school year begins, 80 children of Ethiopian descent residing in Petah Tikvah find themselves with no place to carry out their first year of elementary school...

Erez Sandovski, a friend of the Moloyia family whose son Yossef was not admitted to the neighborhood school has been trying to help the family....

Sandovski described the "creative" excuses he was given by the municipality, and said, "After asking directly if that (the children's descent) was the problem and receiving twisted answers, I carried out a brief inquiry among the parents in the school, and the cat came out of the bag. The teachers' board opposed the registration of more Ethiopian children to the school."

The refusal, on the part of parents and teachers, to educate Ethiopian Jews is but the latest in a long line of racist measures imposed upon Beta Israel by the Zionist Colony's AshkeNazi leadership.

In June, 59 Ethiopian Jews staged a march "to demand that they be allowed to appear before rabbinical conversion courts for final conversion exams." Their eagerness to convert comes out clearly in the piece, which appeared in the pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz:
The youths have waited more than a year and a half to be summoned for conversion tests at the rabbinical courts to complete their conversions...

One of the marchers, Teddy, said "we want to convert and have waited over a year and a half. That's why we decided to march, in spite of the heat, in the hope that someone will hear us and understand how much we want this.
The AshkeNazi courts simply refused to follow protocol, asserting on purely racist grounds that the children were not sufficiently Jewish:
Conditions set by the 'Shebot Am" Jewish identity center for conversion have delayed the final conversion exams for around 150 Ethiopian immigrant youth, all of whom finished their Judaism studies as part of the "Kidma" program...

Authorities at the rabbinical courts decided that before youths would be allowed to appear before the court for their exams, they would have to inform them if they will live in a community where they will be capable of following Jewish Law.
The anti-Black racism of Apartheid Israel's AshkeNazi population extends into the economic sphere as well.

A report summarizing a study done by the Bank of Israel appeared in Ynet, showed the dire economic situation for Ethiopian Jews and the Jim Crow conditions within the Zionist Squatter Colony:
Unemployment among Ethiopians in Israel is twice as high as the market average and two thirds of the community's children live below the poverty line...

Over 80 percent of Israeli Ethiopians cannot provide for themselves. Those who do work are usually discriminated against and receive less pay than they should.

"Employers make a distinction between Ethiopians and other citizens," he said. "Sometimes I think this is done on purpose. I know of many instances when people who worked 10-12 hours received pay for less hours' work. This is especially bad in private companies and manpower agencies. It is slavery."

"But the government is not concerned because we have no political power. We have no ministers of members of Knesset. The government only attends to those who speak up," he explained.
He's right, of course, but the problem is more striking since members of Apartheid Israel's government harbor the very racism with which Ethiopian Jews must contend. The Daily Telegraph reports:
Israel's interior minister faces accusations of racism after he suggested suspending the policy of allowing Ethiopians with Jewish ancestry to move to the country.

While rabbinical authorities judge the so-called Falash Mura to be sufficiently Jewish to qualify for Israeli citizenship, Meir Sheetrit said they were not really Jewish and had been let in only because of "political correctness"...

"Who needs them?" he said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post.
Sheetrit predictably hides behind Sorcery to advocate White Supremacy. He wants a racially pure AshkeNazi state as many others do within Apartheid Israel.

Ironically, the "pure-blood" policy of the Nazis finds itself re-incarnated in Apartheid Israel. Just over a decade ago, AshkeNazi racism became overtly manifest when blood donated by 'Diseased' Ethiopian Jews was separated from 'Pure' AshkeNazi Blood and trashed. The pro-Apartheid New York Times apologetically reported:
Israeli officials have said that the blood was accepted from Ethiopians and surreptitiously thrown out so as not to stigmatize the donors publicly...

"Our blood is as red as yours and we are just as Jewish as you are," proclaimed one of the many banners in a throng of about 10,000 black Jews that ranged from elderly men and women in traditional Ethiopian dress to youths in jeans and baseball caps. "Apartheid in Israel," proclaimed another.
As the Times explains, the rationale used by those defending the decision essentially boiled down to, "you know all those savage Africans have AIDS."
The report about the blood... was followed by an explanation from blood-collection officials that they did not use blood from Ethiopian immigrants because of a relatively high rate of H.I.V. infections among them.
An "International Conference of Jewish Medical Ethics" panel discussion exposed the fakery of this argument. "Many of the blood donors were 18-to 20-year-old soldiers who were too young to have contracted the AIDS virus in Ethiopia," they flatly stated.

As with every other argument used to justify the AshkeNazi's race supremacy, as with all arguments that justify Vanilla Supremacy of all types, defenders never explicitly say, "White people are better than Blacks."

That's no longer politically expedient. Instead, they appeal to "blood purity," to Sorcery belief systems, or they emotionally appeal to one group of people over another.

But the bottom line, as always, is material reality. In Apartheid Israel, as on Uncle Sam's Plantation, the numbers don't lie: Racism shows itself in the discrepancy between the real living conditions of AshkeNazis, and the conditions under which those living under the exploitive boot of Vanilla Zionism - be they Ethiopian or Arab.

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