03 August 2007

Apartheid Israel Fears Loss of Stolen Water Supply

In Thursday's pro-Apartheid Ynet, Smadar Peri reports on the growing concern among high level military officials within Apartheid Israel that Syria plans to recover the Zionist-occupied Golan Heights. While unstated in the article, this is particularly disconcerting because the area supplies the Apartheid settler colony with "over 30% of [its] water needs and consumption," according to their Golan Heights website.

Peri writes:
Yedioth Ahronot has learned that in recent days Israel received reports of increased Syrian presence on its side of the Golan Heights in preparation for a possible war.

During the past year the Syrian government has encouraged its citizens to settle in the Syrian side of the Golan Heights; Israel has recently learned that many of those who have made the Golan their new home were officers in active or reserve army duty who had lost their jobs following Syria’s withdrawal from Lebanon in 2005.

Should a military conflict erupt in the region, these officers are expected to spearhead acts of attrition against Israel...
“Syria has an answer in case Israel attacks its cities,” a senior official in Damascus said recently, adding the President Bashar Assad’s regime was “unpleasantly surprised” by the messages relayed by the Israeli government in the past few days, according to which it refuses to return to the negotiating table.

On Wednesday Assad said Syria was “determined to retrieve every grain of land in the Golan Heights. We are stronger than we have been in the past. Syria will not succumb to pressure or be deterred by threats.”
While much ink is spilled concerning the myriad global conflicts over control of the world's dwindling oil reserves, the world's growing water shortage has quickly become an equally critical problem with even fewer solutions.

In 1967, Apartheid Israel conquered the Golan during an‑Naksah - their summer sneak attack against Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. Once the Zionist army ethnically cleansed the roughly 130,000 inhabitants, settlers flooded the area (as they did in Occupied Palestine) to create new "facts on the ground" and legitimize their theft. Today, the return to Syria of the Zionist-occupied Golan continues be the sine qua non in any possible peace accord between Syria and Apartheid Israel.

But the reality of the situation mitigates against any such agreement, since the Zionist settlers who occupy Palestine need this vast source of stolen water to maintain their profligate lifestyle of swimming pools and luxury resorts.

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