29 July 2007

Uncle Sam's Colombian Narco-Terrorists Make News... Again!

Exposés detailing the high-level collusion between Colombian Narco-terrorists and their allies within that country's government seem to make their way into the news cycle here on Uncle Sam's plantation just about once a month. Despite their redundancy, these stories remain profoundly relevant because of Plan Colombia's deadly consequences.

The Colombian people find themselves doubly threatened: on one hand, Plan Colombia authorizes by Killers for Hire like Dyncorp to use massive quantities of poisonous chemical weapons against them as a means of both monopolizing their own coca profits and terrorizing the population into accepting Narco-Terrorist Alvaro Uribe's corrupt government.

In addition, Uncle Sam uses his imperialist lackeys in the Colombian government as money-launderers to cover-up His role in the arming and training of Narco-Terrorists with money earmarked for the military operation.

On Thursday, the AP division of Uncle Sam's propaganda ministry reported on a developing scandal that bring together these the two elements:
Colombian investigators have arrested three people allegedly involved in recruiting recently retired army officers to work for the country's largest drug cartel, authorities said Thursday.

The allegations are an embarrassment to an army receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. aid for arms and training to fight the world's largest heroin and cocaine industry.

The three arrested include a secretary in the army's central human resources office in Bogota... The secretary allegedly passed on the resumes of recently retired army officers to a former sergeant working for the Norte del Valle cocaine cartel.

The retired sergeant, who like the others was arrested in June, is accused of head hunting candidates to train hit men and run security operations for one of Colombia's largest traffickers, Diego Montoya...

Another man, who sells military supplies and is alleged to have helped pass along information to the cartel, was also arrested.
While information reported here is valuable, it is, in essence, a "limited hangout." The authors disclose something important while failing to connect the dots in a way that illuminate Uncle Sam's role in what has occurred. This intentional, since the AP's editors ultimately answer to Uncle Sam. In this case, the authors chose to leave out the essential fact, which Paul Richter and Greg Miller reported in March, that Montoya, a key figure implicated in the story above, "has been a favorite of the Pentagon and an important partner in the U.S.-funded counterinsurgency strategy called Plan Colombia."

Much like the DIA's admission that the Colombian President is a Narco-Terroist, Richter and Miller's disclosure that the Pentagon's favorite lackey is a one, too, further illuminates the real objective behind Plan Colombia: allowing Uncle Sam to control the profits of the drug trade by collaborating with Drug Runners at the highest levels of government.

The bourgeois media may provide us with this information, but they will never make the connections that help us see this bigger picture. That, after all, is not their job - it is ours.

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