26 July 2007

Do you have what it takes to

Every now and then I like to challenge to my Zionist readers: if you're really a Zionist, prove it.

And since Apartheid Israel's defeat at the hands of Hizbullah last summer, the Zionist media offers me this opportunity with exceeding frequency. Today in the the Pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post, Yaakov Katz reports on a wonderful opportunity for Zionists to dispense with their rhetoric for a fortnight and advance the Palestinian genocide in a serious way. Katz writes:
In an effort to increase the number of former soldiers who perform reserve duty in the West Bank, the IDF has launched a campaign asking such soldiers living abroad to come to Israel to help out...

Those under the age of 65, a high-ranking officer told The Jerusalem Post this week, are eligible to join the Central Command's Seam Line Volunteer Unit, also known as the Hatikva Unit, which assists regular IDF units stationed in the West Bank...

"There are already a number of volunteers who come from the United States, Canada and France," the officer said.

According to the high-ranking officer, in recent years the number of Israel-based volunteers has declined....

Anyone seeking further information can contact Yamini at +972-(0)50-623-4004.
There you have it! So put down that cheeseburger, turn off the gay porn, and pick up the phone!

Apartheid Israel needs YOU!

Lots of people who frequent this blog - some of whom occupy a spot on the Savage Klanwatch - express a deep commitment to the genocidal goals of Zionists. This wonderful opportunity affords them the chance to put their money where their mouth is, travel to Apartheid Israel, and work hand in hand with Mahmoud Abbas for the extermination of the Palestinian people.

While I won't hold my breath, I encourage any takers to please comment here.

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