06 January 2007

Zionist Squatter Lieberman: "We're European Imperialists, too!"

The pro-Apartheid Daily Telegraph in Britain recently noted an amusing development that once more reveals the deep imperialist connections between European Zionist squatters in Palestine and their like-minded European kin who, out of self-interest, created Apartheid Israel from whole cloth 60 years hence.

Reporting from occupied al Quds, Tim Butcher writes:
Israeli cabinet minister [Avigdor Lieberman] yesterday called for the Jewish State to turn its back on the Middle East region and work towards joining Nato and the European Union...

"Israel's diplomatic and security goal... must be clear: joining NATO and entering the European Union," he said....

While NATO is not offering Israel full membership in the near future, links between it and the Jewish State have been strengthening in recent years, especially in the area of intelligence about militant Islam.

Three months ago Israel became the first non-European nation chosen by NATO to work within its Individual Cooperation Programme...
One should note first the individual making this statement: Avgidor Lieberman. An advocate of bombing the Aswan Dam and murdering Knesset members, the European squatter leads an openly fascist political party whose true enemy is history itself.

Because of his party's anti-Semitic advocacy of open, flagrant genocide against the indigenous people of Palestine, it has achieved great popularity and support among European Zionists squatting on stolen land.

Lieberman consequently holds a powerful position inside the Zionist Apartheid government - Minister for Strategic Threats.

His job in this capacity is ostensibly to launch a war with Iran that will compel not only Uncle Sam but also Apartheid Israel's European brethren to come to its defense. He has thus attempted to parlay Apartheid Israel's historical European-ness into a military alliance with the European Union and in NATO that will guarantee its protection.

The reason a proud fascist like Lieberman finds himself on his knees before the Europeans is plainly born out by material reality: he knows that while Apartheid Israel can and will start a war with Iran, they lack the might to finish it. Rather, without massive assistance, welfare, and charity from others, 'Palestine' re-appears on the world map.

This bitter reality - Apartheid Israel's duty to attack Iran alongside its inability to emerge victorious from such a fight - explains why Lieberman has begun trolling for assurances that when Apartheid Israel again proves itself incapable of fighting as they did against Hizbullah, other European Imperialists will use any and all means to save the Zionist settlers from a return trip to Europe or Sam's Plantation. Even as Apartheid Israel tries to appear invincible as it attacks, kills, maims unarmed Palestinian civilians with impunity, diplomatic maneuvers like this one underscores Apartheid Israel's desperation, cowardice, and impotence.

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