13 January 2007

Merkel Shrieks in Pain as Putin Tightens Grip on Her Balls

Ian Traynor in Berlin and Luke Harding, writing in the pro-War British Guardian, reported on the recent outburst by the German Fuhrer, WarOn Terrorist Angela Merkel:
Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany yesterday accused Vladimir Putin's Russia of unacceptable conduct by closing the oil pipeline crucial to Europe's energy consumption. In the toughest language she has used about the Kremlin in her 14 months in office, Mrs Merkel said Russia was destroying international confidence in itself by forcing energy clients to suffer from Russia's bilateral disputes with other post-Soviet states.
This dispute unmasks what has become an incresingly hostile relationship between Germany and Russia. On its face, it devolves from das Vaterland's unese over 2 realities: First, "Europe's largest economy gets more than a third of its oil from Russia and half of that arrives via the Druzhba pipeline;" and second, Russian President Vladimir Putin controls the spigot. The piece continues:
The closure sent shivers through Germany...

Europe's vulnerability means Mr Putin holds all the trump cards in the short term at least and shows little sign of bowing to European concerns.
While this story - Russia's strength and das Vaterland's weakness concerning oil politics - has great importance by itself, it also reflects a deepening diplomatic chasm between Russia's interests and the interests of European WarOn Terrorists.

The predictable result, both in Europe and on Uncle Sam's Plantation, is a massive campaign of anti-Russian propaganda: recall the uttlery fabricated British Psy-Op campaign accusing Russia of murdering Zionist double-agent Alexander Litvinenko? Or the similar "Russian Poisoning" yarn about Ukranian lackey Viktor Yushchenko?

The reason that WarOn Terrorists have chosen to smear Putin lies chiefly in Russia's opposition to their interests in and policies towards Iraq, Iran, Syria, China, Venezuela, and, of course, Palestine.
Rather than rejecting and isolating these nations, as their enemies demand, Russia has instead cultivated alliances with them.

But as the article indicates, outside of petty and indignant lectures, there is little that
das Vaterland can do. With their ability to regulate the spigot, Russia and its allies maintain a constant and unshakable chokehold on the global economy.

And if
der Fuhrer gets too out of line, das Vaterland will pay a high price.

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