06 January 2007

Fourth Anglo-Afghan War Shows Signs of Ending Similarly to the First Three

It doesn't matter whether one talks about Uncle Sam's failed campaign to occupy Iraq, Apartheid Israel's failed campaign to occupy Palestine and Lebanon, or Britain's failed off-and-on campaign of nearly 170 years to occupy the people of Afghanistan, difficult times have befallen European imperalism in its eternal quest to occupy land and steal resources.

Michael Smith reports today in Britain's Murdoch-owned Sunday Times about the increasing difficulty of Britain's occupying army's to recapture and hold once-controlled territory in southern Afghanistan, the first 'Central Front' for Uncle Sam's WarOn Terrorists.
New film footage from Afghanistan has suggested the British Army controls little but isolated pockets in Helmand, the province in the south of the country where the troops are trying to establish stability.

The film, taken by the reporter Sean Langan for Channel 4, shows the extent of the difficulties British troops have faced, with severe shortages of helicopters preventing resupplies and men forced to live off corn cobs foraged from nearby fields....

When the battle for Garmsir, originally supposed to last 24 hours, stretches on for six days, the British are promised reinforcements. But shortages of troops and helicopters mean they never arrive....

In the second programme later this week, Langan spends time with Mullah Ibrahimi, a Taliban commander, who claims to have a “shadow administration” in Helmand: “We have our own judges, our own local politicians and our own administrators. Nothing gets done in these villages without our consent.”
While the forces attempting to occupy Afghanistan ostensibly fly NATO's flag, as Savage Justice wrote some time ago, the coalition committed to doing so has dwindled, leaving the British alone to occupy the Afghan south while the remaining occupying force sits in Kabul loading up on smack like MULLAH BEAK the DHS PEDOPHILE.

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