06 August 2006

Zionist Blitzkrieg Carpet-Bombs Christians in Lebanon

Partially because it has run out of targets elsewhere and partially to teach a lesson, Apartheid Israel focused their blitzkrieg on Lebanon's Christian areas late this week. On Saturday, Rym Ghazal reported in the Daily Star:
Israeli warplanes destroyed five bridges along the main North-South coastal highway Friday, killing five people, wounding 19 others and completely isolating the capital from the North of the country....

"They have struck every major bridge in Lebanon, cutting the country into pieces," Public Works and Transport Minister Mohammad Safadi told The Daily Star.

Besides the 71 bridges destroyed so far, Israeli warplanes also again struck the main Masnaa border crossing in eastern Lebanon and the Faraya-Ouyoun al-Simane road linking the Mount Lebanon range with the inland Bekaa Valley....

The strikes against the Northern highway also hindered means of bringing fuel and relief supplies into Lebanon, said Safadi, echoing criticism by international aid agencies.

"We had international assurances that the road from Aridya to Beirut would remain open and safe for humanitarian transportation, but it seems that even international assurances don't mean much now," he added...
Of course, when the Zionists still believed that the Lebanese Christians may collaborate with them against Hizbullah, they were spared. But as soon as news of their support for the Resistance became apparent, Apartheid Israel punished them - both militarily and politically:
Since these count as the worst attacks yet on the country's Christian heartland, the strikes targeted more than just the infrastructure and transport, according to political analyst Helal Khashan.

"By striking the North and the road between, Israel is trying to create a wedge between Lebanese people, with Shiites on the one side and the other sects on the other side," Khashan told The Daily Star.
Keshan is on the money. Like Uncle Sam in Iraq, the name of the game in Lebanon for the Zionists is 'Divide and Conquer'. And like every other part of their war, that has failed, too.
Khashan said this move is also a military tactic, where by hitting the Northern areas and around Beirut, is creating "a diversion."

"The painful slow progress in the South is causing Israel to adopt new tactics of crippling this country, and making sure it will be difficult for Lebanon to rebuild," said Khashan....

Some observers went further and said that Israel was sending a clear political message to the Christians of Lebanon, warning them they should have remained neutral.
Lebanese Christians have not remained neutral, as Reuters notes. Like all Lebanese, they support the Resistance and they oppose Apartheid Israel's actions:
Seventy-seven-year-old Mona Muzaber lights a candle for Hizbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah at the Orthodox Church of the Cross in the centre of Damascus.

"I love him. I never felt Nasrallah was a religious zealot. He is a patriot who doesn't seek personal gain," she said. "I light a candle daily for him to remain under God's protection...."

"Pray for the resistance, pray for Hassan Nasrallah. He is defending justice," Father Elias Zahlawi told the congregation at special mass held at the Lady of Damascus, a Catholic church.
The evidence of Apartheid Israel's failure to achieve any objective in Lebanon manifests itself in many ways. As we see here, the unified committment among all Lebanese to the Resistance includes even groups and sects who, before the fighting, opposed Hizbullah.

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