08 August 2006

Iraqi Resistance Report: 4 August - 7 August

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • “At least” three US Marines killed in battle in ar-Ramadi Friday evening: American fire kills woman, child.
  • US aircraft strikes border area between Iraq, Syria Friday morning.
  • Women fighters have carried out 76 martyrdom attacks on the US occupation and its supporters since the US occupied Iraq in spring 2003.
  • Fiercest fighting in months rages in northern Iraqi city of al-Mawsil. All Resistance groups unite to battle US Marine “Division of the Lord” and their Iraqi puppet allies.
  • American troops spend hours savagely abusing and humiliating hundreds of men and women doctors, professors, teachers in ar-Ramadi’s al-Anbar University. Women robbed of wedding rings and jewelry; men forced to call themselves “dogs.”
  • US soldier reported killed in ambush in al-Hadithah.
  • Two US troops reported killed in Resistance ambush of foot patrol in Hit Friday evening.
  • Resistance sharpshooter reportedly kills US soldier in al-Mawsil.
  • Resistance ambush leaves seven Polish occupation troops dead or wounded in an-Nu‘maniyah.
  • Resistance attacks in al-Hadithah leave three American troops reported killed.
  • Resistance blasts British headquarters in al-Basrah with Katyusha rockets.
  • Following Resistance attack on US headquarters in ar-Ramadi, US artillery blasts three nearby houses, killing or wounding 19 local civilians.
  • Resistance bomb in ar-Ramadi leaves three American troops reported dead.
  • Resistance bomb disables Bradley armored vehicle, reportedly killing US soldier southwest of Bayji.
  • Resistance bomb reportedly kills US soldier just north of al-Hillah Monday afternoon.

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