04 August 2006

Hizbullah Continues to Pulverize Zionist Special Forces in Lebanon

In an attack launched against Zionist invaders in the village of Markabe on Friday, the Lebanese Resistance killed two more Zionist land grabbers from the 'Elite' Golani Brigade and wounding many more. Meanwhile, the Resistance continues to effectively use anti-tank missiles to destroy Uncle Sam's tanks throughout Zionist-occupied Southern Lebanon. Pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz reports:
Two Israel Defense Forces soldiers were killed and six others hurt in the fighting with Hezbollah guerillas on Friday as Israel continued its ground forces campaign in South Lebanon.

The two soldiers were killed in fierce gunbattles in the village of Markabe. Golani Brigade infantrymen were marching near the village when an anti-tank missile was launched at the force.

Two other soldiers were wounded, one seriously and the other lightly. They were evacuated to the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa and Sieff Hospital in Safed respectively....

In a separate incident, an armor corps soldier was seriously hurt and another was lightly wounded near the South Lebanon village of Taibeh. They were hurt by an anti-tank missile Hezbollah fired at the tank in which the soldiers were driving.

Two other soldiers were wounded predawn Friday, one moderately and the other lightly, in gunbattles with Hezbollah in the same area.
Just as is the case with Uncle Sam in Iraq, it has become quite clear that Apartheid Israel simply cannot attain its military objectives in Lebanon.

And just as Uncle Sam must daily choose whether it should CUT'N'RUN or STAY'N'DIE, Apartheid Israel now faces the same choice.

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