03 August 2006

Apartheid Israel to UN: "Save Us!"

In an interview given to the British papers including the Times of London, Apartheid Israel's Prime Minister demanded welfare from the world - in the form of assistance to the Zionist state in its ethnic cleansing of Arabs from Southern Lebanon - as a precondition for a cease-fire. The pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post quotes from the interview. The international force, Olmert said:
"Has to be made up of armies, not of retirees, of real soldiers, not of pensioners who have come to spend leisurely months in south Lebanon, but, rather, an army with combat units that is prepared to implement the UN resolution. I think it has to have about 15,000 soldiers. I think that's more or less what the international community understands."
"When asked how much time is left," Olmert linked his response to the ability of the UN to assemble a protector army that can ensure Zionists that they will not suffer the same brutal and barbaric life the as Palestinians and Arabs their government massacres. He said:
"I don't think it will take weeks. I think that a resolution will be made sometime next week by the UN Security Council and then it depends on the rapidity of deployment of the international forces into the south of Lebanon. Obviously, as I said, we will not pull out and we will not stop shooting until there is an international force that will effectively control the area."
Olmert is simply delusional to believe that anyone can assemble a force of 15,000 soldiers, let alone one committed disarm Hizbullah. Further, as the numerous attacks on UN observer posts during the fighting has showen, foreign governments risk a great deal when they put soldiers within range of Uncle Sam's Zionist blitzkrieg.

With this statement - with this demand for world charity and welfare - Apartheid Israel has committed itself to an indefinite occupation of land that - based on its inability to occupy even one Lebanese city - even it cannot hold.

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