02 August 2006

Afghan Resistance Unloads on the Brits

While the world's attention has shifted its focus away from Uncle Sam's occupation of Iraq and towards Apartheid Israel's failing efforts to occupy Lebanon, the British-led NATO occupation of Afghanistan continues as well.

And with ongoing occupation comes ongoing Resistance operations, as Financial Times correspondent Rachel Morarjee reports from Kabul:
Three British soldiers were killed and a fourth seriously injured after an ambush by insurgents in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday, the Afghan government said.

The attack came a day after Nato took over command of the volatile region from the US, highlighting the difficulty of the mission to bring reconstruction and security to the long-neglected south.

A two-vehicle convoy carrying British troops was ambushed by insurgents armed with rocket-propelled grenades and a heavy machine gun during an operation in the northern part of Helmand province, Ministry of Defence spokesman Sargar Sharma said....

Lieutenant General David Richards, who heads the NATO force, said its mission was to bolster security in the south and allow development and reconstruction to move forward. However, so far the British forces have found themselves engaged in pitched battles against a fierce and well-disciplined enemy, and the violence has forced most aid agencies to withdraw from the province.
No matter which occupation one uses as a measuring stick - Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, or now Lebanon - the common denominator of organized guerrilla Resistance has met Uncle Sam and its vassal states. And as each occupation demonstrates, the strength of that Resistance will continue to mount.

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