05 July 2006

Uncle Sam's Election Fixers and the Mexican Election

Here we go again!

Just days after the election in Mexico, we have learned from Kevin Hall and Jay Root, writing in McClatchy News Service, that "discovery of 3.5 million uncounted votes in Mexico's disputed presidential election cast doubt on early projections showing conservative Felipe Calderón in the lead, raising fears of prolonged uncertainty and political unrest."

The piece continues:
Hinting at insider corruption and citing a series of voting ''irregularities,'' advisors to leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador are demanding a manual recount of every single vote and did not rule out street protests to ratchet up pressure on federal election authorities.

''You cannot come to a final outcome if you do not count all the votes,'' said Manuel Camacho Solís, a top López Obrador aide. ``We are going to demand that the votes are counted. . . . We have the right to go to the streets, and we have the right to express our opinion with full freedom...."

Preliminary vote totals released by Mexico's Federal Election Institute (IFE) showed Calderón leading with a little more than 400,000 votes, or 1 percent more than López Obrador. A mandatory recount of vote tallies is scheduled to begin today -- and the revelation that 3.5 million votes went uncounted has become Exhibit A in the growing controversy.
Greg Palast may be both a Zionist and a misogynist, but he's certainly got a beat on the election fraud that has become a hallmark of sorts for Uncle Sam's current administrators. From him we learn that Uncle Sam deployed the same ChoicePoint vote-fixers to Mexico who scrubbed nearly 100,000 voters from Florida's voter rolls in 2000, throwing the election to Bush.

This behavior is standard fare for Uncle Sam. Based on Sam's behavior in foreign elections over the past several years in Eastern Europe, Palestine, and throughout Latin and South America, we must conclude that in addition to ChoicePoint, vote-riggers from the National Endowment for Democracy, US AID, and possibly even fake-NGOs like Freedom House have deployed to fix the key Mexican presidential election.

The vote pitted the populist mayor of Mexico City, Andrés Manuel López Obrador - branded an acolyte of Comrade Chavez - against the Harvard-trained economist, Vincente Fox protegé and Uncle Sam lackey, Felipe Calderón.

But unlike with Al Gore, this time the intended victim, populist frontrunner Obrador, has demanded a recount.

The winner of the election will be a major player on Uncle Sam's Plantation, inserting himself into incendiary debates over immigration and 'free trade' while acting as regional kingmaker in Sam's ubiquitous disputes with Venezuela. Because of these enormous political stakes, the same institutions and organizations that fixed the recent elections in Peru are no doubt working tirelessly towards the same end in Mexico.

These efforts to rig the vote (and their similarity to the theft of Uncle Sam's last two elections) have attracted a great deal of scrutiny even amongst AMLO's opponents, upsetting Caldreón and offering hope to his supporters. The Guardian reports:
Visibly impatient, Mr Calderón has demanded that the authorities recognise his victory and promised a government of national reconciliation.

But Mr López Obrador said he would "employ whatever legal means necessary" in an attempt to annul or reverse the results of the preliminary count, threatening to draw out the dispute for days, weeks or even months.
A chief tool that Uncle Sam's election-fixers deploy in order to affect elections are exit polls. During recent key elections in Venezuela and Palestine these polls, commissioned by Uncle Sam, suggested that its favored candidate had won only to be proven demonstrably false after the actual counts were released.

The game appears somewhat different in the case of Mexico where, according to Obrador nemesis Subcommandante Marcos, "the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE)... with the sponsorship of the president of the Republic, held back between one million and one-and-a-half million votes so that they could be added to benefit the National Action Party (PAN) candidate Felipe Calderón."

Calderón and his benefactors to the North have already begun to act as though the outcome is determined, Obrador holds the trump card: the ability to mobilize people on the streets and shut down the country as he did last year. Such leverage is important because it gives him power that Uncle Sam, with all its technological wizardry, lacks.

Until the votes are counted and the fraud is exposed for the world to see, he should not concede anything. If that happens - if Obrador doesn't back down - one imagines that this drama will continue indefinetly.

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