05 July 2006

Apartheid Wall 'Accidentally' Used to Expand Zionist Land Theft

In Wednesday's Ha'aretz, Akiva Eldar files a reprort outlining a letter sent by Apartheid Israel's Attorney General to its Defense Minister condeming its use of "inaccurate information on the security fence route that was submitted to official bodies."

The piece indicates that the letter accuses the Defense Ministry of:
Withholding from the State Prosecutor's Office the fact that the route of the fence was determined in keeping with an unapproved plan for the expansion of the settlement rather than security considerations.
Unlike the ethnic cleansing it officially sanctions, Apartheid Israel would have us believe that this particular land grab - this particular segment of the Apartheid Wall - was an 'accident' or 'oversight'. Such an assumption, however, runs completely counter to its violent repression of anti-Apartheid Wall protests that occur weekly along the route.

Even though "the ruling in question was preceded by a 2002 petition on the same segment of the fence," Apartheid Israel still pleaded ignorance:
Only through the current petition... did the state learn that the considerations guiding the planners were not as was presented in the initial petition. The state made this known to the court, and also informed it of its intention to dismantle the problematic fence segment.
Apartheid Israel's transparent lie here should fool nobody. As long as it believed it could use the Apartheid Wall as a pretext to steal Palestinian land in secret, it planned to carry it out.

But, when its machinations came to light, it 'apologized' and 'promised' to 'correct' the 'error'.

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